Shahrukh Khan Shared A Twining Photo Of His "Sunshines" Aryan & Suhana

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 15, 2019

Shahrukh Khan shares one of the most adorable pics of Aryan & Suhana

Not only is Shahrukh Khan one of the greatest star of Bollywood, but above all, he is widely known as an amazing father. A good father is rather than put children into a discipline or guarantee financial support, but it is more about protecting them and being their friend. As said, sons and daughters who are given much time playing with Dad will be able to develop stronger physical and mental health. Fully understanding this, Shah Rukh Khan has been sharing a special bond with Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan since their very beginning of life. The actor recently shared the cutest photo of his kids on Twitter, leaving the public in awe and admiration.

In the picture, the son and daughter were twinning in a yellow sweater, standing on the pavement and talking joyfully with each other. Shahrukh Khan added an affectionate caption along, "This image reminds me of the  Yellow Brick Road....I hope they find answers they r looking for or at least have enough questions to lead a full life....#mysunshines." His calling them 'Sunshines' moved everybody because of their intimacy.

Check out the photo and the post here.

Shah Rukh Khan Children

The father always follows his children's each developmental step. For example, we saw an Instagram post of Shahrukh Khan last December, promoting Suhana's Juliet play, in which she took the lead role. Travelling all the long distance to London to show his encouragement, the star was nowhere to be found tired, but super exciting and satisfying instead. "What a wonderful experience and exceptional performances by the whole cast.", concluded Shahrukh Khan.


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