Shah Rukh Khan Is Not Allowed To Post Family Photos And Here Is The Reason Why

Priyansh Ha |May 06, 2019

And "The King of Romance" Shah Rukh Khan turned out to be a non-romantic man in real life!

Getting married for nearly three decades, Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri recently have won Hindustan Time’s Most Stylish Couple Award of 2019. Talking to Vicky Kaushal in the interview, they revealed some interesting facts around their marriage including their throwback photos.

Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan to win the Hindustan Time’s Most Stylish Couple Award of 2019. (Source:

It Takes Rukh Khan Up To 6 Hours To Get Ready For A Night Out

One of these is Shah Rukh Khan’s old Instagram post which announced that he was finally “allowed” to post photos he had clicked on social media. Of course, there was none other than his wife Gauri who had power over the rule. Explaining the reason behind it, Gauri Khan said that her husband never cares about how others look in his photos while she wanted to look good in every single snap. Gauri also added on how SRK took a lot of times to prepare every time he stepped out. If it takes Gauri 20 minutes to get ready, Shah Rukh Khan will definitely need 2 or 3 hours. 

Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan
Source: Satyabrata Tripathy/HT Photo

From His "On Point" Selfies

Regarding SRK’s hobby of taking selfies, Vicky Kaushal told him that his selfie skill is so “on-point”, the actor revealed that his family didn’t think so.

Screenshot 20

He also added about “that light” which Vicky Kaushal failed to get in his selfie. It was the light outside his house at 6 am, on the left side of his car.

During the conversation, both Shah Rukh and Vickky put all efforts on convincing Gauri to allow the actor one selfie a year. How happy he was to get her nod!

Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan 2
Source: Satyabrata Tripathy/HT Photo

To His Promise Of Taking Gauri To Paris

Their first photo shown was the duo in Darjeeling, one of Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite pictures. As a poor man who got married to a middle-class girl, the actor promised to his girl that he would take her to Paris after their wedding like many others did. Of course, it was a lie as he got no money. Instead of having a honeymoon in Paris and visiting the Eiffel, he took her to Darjeeling.

Shah Rukh Khan Pti

The Truth About "Gauri's Brother"

Another picture showed them with a dog who Shah Rukh Khan called ‘Gauri’s brother’, He was their first pet named Chewbacca Khan. This photo unveiled the truth that "The King of Romance" turned out to be a non-romantic man in real life. "Gauri likes dogs and I gifted her a dog that I took from her maternal uncle,” said the actor.

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