Sexual assault is ‘definitely a reality in Bollywood’, says Kajol on Tanushree Controversy

Jyotis |Oct 05, 2018

Facing to the accuse of Tanushree Dutta to Nana Patekar for his sexual harassment, some Bollywood stars have raised their voice, including Kajol

On Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar, many Bollywood stars raised their voice, including Kajol, a veteran Bollywood actress.

Kajol agreed that sexual assault is "absolutely the reality". In addition, the actor claimed that she has never experienced what Tanushree Dutta had recounted about Nana Patekar. This issue, sexual harassment, doesn't have any limitation. It can occur not only in the film industry and the vulnerable men tending to harass the women. It can happens in other places and also other fields.

Kajol was sharing to NDTV when she was on the promotional events for her upcoming project, Helicopter Eela. She shared that what Tanushree had described hasn't happened on her life. Also, what she knew about sexual harassment was just rumours without any certain pieces of evidence.

“I’ve rarely witnessed it though I have learned about it through rumour form. Rarely a chance do you acknowledge about it, nobody is coming to you and talk into your ears ‘Hey, I did this!’ I 'm not sure how many percents of the accuse is what really happened,” Kajol shared. In addition, she added that in case this issue occurs on her, she absolutely stands up and does something but she does believe that it'll never have a chance to happen to her.

She affirmed that painful experiences occur not only in the film-making industry. It appears in whatever fields we have chances to discuss.

The model, actor Tanushree Dutta claimed that the filmmaker Patekar has had physical harassment and misbehaviour with her.

Kajol agreed that it is necessary to have a #MeToo Movement held in India. “The main target of the #MeToo movement is creating a chance for you, the women, raise your voice to protect yourself whenever you want." She affirmed.

Besides Kajol, other stars such as Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, and Vivek Oberoi also raise their voice to support Tanushree. Sharing to the press, Parineeti wants that what happened to Tanushree Dutta would be the antecedence. From that the women in general and the actress, in particular, can bravely raise their voice in front of these relating problems. If India women don't raise their voice, they will be suppressed forever. Parineeti also confirmed that she will stand up for herself if similar situations occur on her.

Arjun Kapoor, the co-star of Tanushree in Namaste England also supported her accuse. He said that if what she had said is hundred percent the truth, Tanushree absolutely win. "This strong girl has stood up and raised her voice. This is a shocking issue that no one dares to speak out in such a country like India. Before pointing fingers and raise a controversy at her, please listen to Tanushree's opinion as it deserves to be heard."

Also, star Vivek Oberoi agreed that our modern society must take responsibility to consider women equally, regardfully. We, society, must create a safe working environment for women regardless of religion, race, etc.

Many big names in Bollywood like Kangana Ranaut, Farhan Akhtar, Hansal Mehta, Priyanka Chopra, Varun Dhawan, and Sonam Kapoor has enthusiastically helped Tanushree, encouraged her to stand up and raise her voice. Also, they supported establishing the #MeToo movement in the film industry of India.


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