Secret-no-more: Will Shahrukh Khan Play A Marvel Superhero?

Author |Sep 14, 2018

A Bollywood Marvel movie? Why not? Well, it is just a matter of time!

On every corner of the globe, there are audience following Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan with sincere love.

After his appearance as a superhero in Ra One, Khan is now gaining much interest from the Marvel universe. Well, it would not be such a big surprise to see the 'Baadshah of Bollywood" to star in the upcoming Marvel movie if any Indian content is included. Fans around the world can rest assured of that!

Shahrukh Khan To Join The Marvel Universe?

Will Shahrukh Khan Appear in The Marvel Universe?

One thing we can know for sure, if there is anything Indian to be included in the upcoming flick, then Khan will be the star. That is given by the Vice President of Creative Development at Marvel, Stephen Wacker, in his recent talk with Indian Express. In his own words, Stephen shared that "If we make Indian content, we have to put Shah Rukh Khan. He has to be in it." Then it is bound to succeed, isn't it?

There's A Superhero In All Of Us

There's A Superhero In All Of Us

According to Stephen, the idea of everyone having a super hero inside of themselves is most exciting. What makes movie-goers excited about each and every super hero movie has been the fact that they believe they can be better than themselves. They can grow into a better version, a "super hero" of their own lives.

That's Going To Be An Interesting Thing For Marvel

And Marvel is sure to explore more on that excitement

More on the topic, Stephen shared about Marvel's plan to create characters whose originally come from this world. From there, they hope to familiarize Marvel fans, usually North-Americans, to accept the fact that characters can come from India. They believe it could be a great step for the audience to learn about the other side of the world, and would be an interesting challenge for Marvel. With that, they plan to attract more audience from India to the Marvel world, by making them feel being a part of it, just like any kid in New York would.

King Khan On His Debut In Hollywood

What Khan Has to Say about His Potential Debut In Hollywood

When asked about any particular he has not started any project in Hollywood so far, Khan wittily shared that first, Hollywood producers have to look at him, not the other way around! "I look at the moon everyday, but I don't reach for it!" Khan said. Well, what do you make of such a comment?

Even though Khan confirmed that no official offer has ever been made for him, he reasoned that for his "weak" English and that he does not know for sure if he is good enough to star in one Hollywood movie. Would you agree or disagree with that? Khan could be too humble to say so of himself. However, now that Stephen Wacker has confirmed it, we can expect a Marvel superhero movie soon to star King Khan. And when that blockbuster finally drops, the world should be ready for it!


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