Sanjay Kapoor's Daughter Shanaya Kapoor Gearing Up For Her Bollywood Debut

Mina Muzumdar |May 02, 2019

Sanjay Kapoor has finally confirmed the big new as his daughter Shanaya Kapoor is all set to debut in Bollywood.

2019 has witnessed the debut of numerous new faces which included both star-kids and a few outsiders. Now rumors have been confirmed that another Kapoor's family member is all set to make her first step into the industry, and it's Shanaya Kapoor, daughter of actor-producer Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor. 

The grapevine has been abuzz with the news but there hasn't been any update about the possible debut date. However, Shanaya will work together with Janhvi Kapoor in her next film which features the life of IAF pilot Gunjan Saxena as an Assitant Director. 

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Sanjay Kapoor spoke about his daughter debut for the first time, saying:


He further added that daughter Shanaya Kapoor underwent acting workshops, dance classes, and many other courses before gaining her entry to Bollywood. Being an influencer in Bollywood, Sanjay more than anyone understands that Bollywood is a professional space where competition is fierce.

Talking about Shanaya Kapoor's future in the industry as a star-kid who comes from a famous family, Sanjay admitted:


Having a father is a Bollywood star, Shanaya Kapoor has been a media favorite for years. Rumors of her debut have started floating since she was only 15-16. According to a close source, Karan Johar has a plan for Shanaya to debut in a movie. However, disposing of murmurs which have been doing around, Sanjay confirmed that she is getting ready for her kickstart in Bollywood but there is no confirmation about her debut movie in the near future.


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