Sameera Reddy – From The Ugly Duckling In The Family To Top Indian Star

Hanima Anand |Aug 24, 2020

Described herself as a tomboy and the least glamorous among three siblings, Sameera Reddy has an amazing transformation to become a household name in Indian entertainment industry.

If you happen to know Sameera Reddy elder sisters, you can feel such a huge pressure Sameera had to go through to escape their shadows. See how she transformed herself and made breakthroughs to distinguish herself from the other two sisters.

Sameera Reddy 1
This sweet beauty used to follow the 'tomboy' style during her childhood.

Sameera Reddy sisters

Before getting to know more about this Hindi film star as well as her endeavor, let’s take a look at her obstacles first, the two Sameera Reddy sisters who are both models.

The oldest sister in the Sameera Reddy’s family is Meghna Reddy. She used to work as a video jockey and currently earns her living as a supermodel.

Sameera Reddy Sister Meghna Reddy
Meghna Reddy, aka Meghana Reddy used to be a famous name on Channel V.

Meghna Reddy was born in 1975. She was well known for co-anchoring the show Mangta Hai in the past. Though having a good start as a VJ, Meghna left India for England then America for more opportunities. She is now a model of Macy’s in New York, married to a Greek businessman.

The second Sameera Reddy sister is Sushama Reddy, a model, actress and also a producer. She was inspired to join the Indian entertainment industry by the eldest sister Meghna and also launched her career in television projects. Among three sisters, Sushama is the tallest with her 1.75m height. Sameera Reddy height was 1.7m while Meghna’s is around 1.63m.

Sameera Reddy Sister Sushama Reddy
Sushama Reddy soon switched to producing career after some years on television.

After some years working in TV commercials and shows, Sameera put her first step into Bollywood with Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets in 2005, co-starring Anil Kapoor. She also joined some other famous movies with Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor such as Don: The Chase Begins Again and Chup Chup Ke. However, the actress is more fond of producing films and has pursued this career path till date.

Sameera Reddy family then and now

Sameera Reddy was born on December 14 in 1978. She will have her 42nd birthday at the end of this year. Sameera Reddy age and her sisters’ are close, so they can share a lot of things with each other without worrying about the generation gap.

Sameera Reddy 2
Behind this irresistible beauty is a surprising weight gain history!

However, during her childhood, Sameera couldn’t help feeling inferior to her two beautiful sisters as she followed the tomboy style. She even felt she was the ugly duckling inside her family, always in comparison with the other charming sisters.

Sameera Reddy 3
Even Sameera Reddy was shocked when looking back her childhood photos.

Sameera was born in Mumbai to a Telugu father and a Mangalorean mother. Her father’s job was unknown while her mother was reported to be a microbiologist.

However, time flies, and Sameera grew up into a no less attractive woman. She could also establish her own career in Hindi and South Indian film industries.

Sameera Reddy Husband
Sameera Reddy and her husband, Arkshai Varde

Sameera Reddy got married to the entrepreneur Akshai Varde in January 2014. Akshai Varde is the founder and CEO of Vardenchi Motorcycles in Mumbai.

Sameera Reddy Son
Hans Varde is a playful boy but full of love for his mother. Photo source: BCCL

The couple welcomed their first son (Hans Varde) in 2015 and another daughter (Nyra Varde) last year. During her second pregnancy, Sameera made a unique photoshoot underwater which you will see right below!

Sameera Reddy Daughter
The second angel in Sameera and Akshai's family

Sameera Reddy pregnancy photoshoot

Sameera is an intelligent actress who knows how to go viral effortlessly. She is also the first Indian actress to have a video game of her own named Sameera the Street Fighter. And even when she was expecting her baby, she got the Internet by storms with the artistic underwater photography.

Sameera Reddy Pregnancy Photoshoot
The mother-to-be looks like a mermaid underwater

Her photoshoot underwater was made during her second pregnancy in 2019. The photos look absolutely mesmerizing with the actress’s natural posing in colorful bikinis.

Sameera Reddy underwater photography instantly went viral for their impressive looks. The pictures not only flaunt her healthy physics during the pregnancy but also embraces the beauty of motherhood. Her albums have inspired a lot of moms-to-be in India to make similar maternity photoshoots, spreading positive vibes to expecting women.

Sameera Reddy Underwater Photography
The actress feels totally comfortable despite her huge baby bump.


The actress confidently confirmed that the pictures of her floating were totally original with no filter and no photoshop. But the results were even more amazing than touched photos.

Sameera Reddy songs & movies

While people know more about her filmography, Sameera Reddy songs are not highlighted in her profile. During her career, she has just released two music videos, one in 1998 named Ahista and another in 2000, Tere Aane Ki Jab Khabar Mehke.

However, you can find more Sameera Reddy's songs on Hungama. These are mostly songs from the movies she’s in.

Sameera Reddy Movie
Sameera Reddy has had her debut into Kannada film industry.

As for Sameera Reddy movies, there is a long list of films she has starred in, but we will cite here the most outstanding ones.

Sameera Reddy first movie, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya in 2002 is a worth-watching Hindi action romance. Thanks to this film, Sameera was nominated for the Best Female Debut at 2003 Filmfare Awards.

Next comes the 2004 thriller Musafir in which she co-starred along with veteran Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor, Aditya Pancholi, and Sanjay Dutt. Despite some controversies around its sensual scenes, Musafir is still a successful movie in Sameera’s career.

Another Sameera Reddy movie that you may want to check is Varanam Aayiram, the 2008 Tamil romantic drama with Suriya in duo lead roles. Sameera was also nominated for the Best Debut Actress to the Kollywood industry for this movie.

Some other films featuring Sameera Reddy in important roles can be named as Darna Mana Hai (Hindi-2003), Jai Chiranjeeva (Telugu-2005), Taxi Number 9211 (Hindi-2006), De Dana Dan (Hindi-2009), Aakrosh (Hindi-2010) and Varadhanayaka (Kannada-2013).

Looking through Sameera Reddy filmography, you can see her versatility while considering her two successful elder sisters, we can see her constant endeavors throughout to grow out of their shadows.

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Among the three Reddy sisters, whose beauty impresses you the most?


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