Samantha Akkineni On The Upcoming "Oh Baby" Movie: "This Film Has Given Me The Best Role Of My Career"

Salena Harshini |Jul 03, 2019

Samantha Akkineni shared her thoughts on working on the imminent movie "Oh Baby", saying it won't be "disappointed".

Samantha Akkineni lately just expressed her heartfelt appreciation towards her fans along with the cast and crew for having her back and helping her achieve what she has till now. She delivered her sincere thank at the recent Oh Baby movie’s pre-launch event.

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On referring to filmmaker BV Nandini Reddy as a precious sister she never had, Akkineni said,

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Samantha Akkineni in "Oh Baby"

In addition,

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Samantha Akkineni felt grateful to have the chance to collaborate with a number of veteran actors of the south Indian movie industry. She shared,

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Samantha Akkineni was unshakeable in her belief that she will be able to make the grade to her family’s trust in her.

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Oh Baby is a remake of the Korean famed movie Miss Granny. The Indian version is co-subsidized by People’s Media Factory, Suresh Productions, Kross Pictures and Guru Films.

Samantha Akkinenioh Baby
Samantha Akkineni in "Oh Baby" movie stills

The movie tells the story of a 70-year-old woman who suddenly gets the once-in-a-lifetime journey after being photographed to her youth. Samantha Akkineni who played the protagonist said that her fans won’t be “disappointed.”

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Oh Baby movie is set to hit the screens this Friday.


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