Saloni Chopra: Sajid Khan Should Apologize To Women For His Sexual Assault

DungCNT |Dec 16, 2018

Saloni Chopra on Sajid Khan’s IFTDA suspension: Change must begin somewhere.

Saloni Chopra, an assistant- director of Sajid Khan, accused him of sexual assault for the last few months. After that, a lot of women spoke up the issue that they had been faced with sexual harassment relating to him. This happened at any time, both on and off work. All the allegations appeared in #Metoo movement's posts. As a result, Sajid Khan was dismissed from the director position of the Housefull 4. There are no longer any ties with Bollywood and the director has lost all the affections and respects from audience.

IFTDA Suspended Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan received suspension from IFTDA

The Indian Film and Television Directors Association (IFTDA) announced that they have suspended him from his work for one year. Saloni Chopra quite appreciated this decision and moreover she hoped that it is not a temporary solution. "I'm glad IFTDA has decided to be supportive and understand their responsibility towards the behaviour and power abuse of their members. I hope this isn't temporary."

It's About Time Rude Behaviour Against Women Should Stop!

It's high time for sexual harassment to be stopped!

The assistant-director updated on her Twitter account that it's high time to realize that "accepting such behaviour as a normal routine from fellow members makes everyone in the industry equally responsible for this behaviour because you're just encouraging it."

Sajid Khan Should Apologise To All The Women He's Sexually Harassed!

Sajid Khan owes all the women an apology for his bad behaviour!

She said that she wished Sajid would make an apology to all the women he has harassed. Although making apologies is not the final outcome, it is the initial step to accept mistakes at least. "Without that where do people really go from this?"

His Denial Is An Insult To All People Involved!

He denied and ignored what he has done!

"His ignorance and denial of his behaviour is only an insult to all the people involved. If he denies everything he's done, and is banned for a year, what after that? Does he just go onto work again like he never did anything?"

Change Must Begin Somewhere

Change Must Begin Somewhere

She concluded that she was pleased with the decision of IFTDA. "Change must begin somewhere."


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