Salman Khan's "Bharat" Landed In Legal Trouble, PIL Filed In Delhi High Court Request Change Of Title

Mina Muzumdar |May 31, 2019

PIL has filed a case in Delhi High Court against Salman Khan's film "Bharat" over its title.

A petition has been submitted against Salman Khan's much-awaited film Bharat over its title in Delhi High Court yesterday. The case was filed by Vipin Tyagi. 

Vipin Tyagi claimed that the film's title violated Section 3 of Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) ACT. In detail, according to the law, Bharat cannot be used with a commercial purpose. Also in his plea, the person requested the dialogue to be changed as the character was compared to India, supposing that it could hurt the patriotic sentiments in the country.

Bharat has been making noise ahead of its release, Salman Khan himself also faced the wrath of internet troll for his controversial statement regards Priyanka Chopra's exit from the film. He seems can't get over the fact that the Bollywood superstar dropped his film just a few days before its principal photography.


Bharat is a remake of Korean film An Ode To My Father which is slated to hit the cinema on June 5, 2019. The film also marks Salman Khan and his on-screen lover's reunion. Katrina Kaif took over the role when Priyanka Chopra withdrew from the project due to personal reason.


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