Sagarika Ghatge Net Worth: How Much Does The Cricketer's Wife Earn With Her Acting Career?

Salena Harshini |Oct 18, 2020

As one of the famous actresses and cricketers' wives, Sagarika Ghatge has earned herself an impressive net worth. She and cricketer Zaheer Khan are also expecting their first child. Read more!

Sagarika Ghatge, who is most known for her role in Chak De! India, is a talented actress, national-level athlete, and model. Not only known for her entertainment projects, but Sagarika also makes headlines for her relationship with cricketer Zaheer Khan. Sagarika Ghatge net worth, alongside her family, her marriage, and kid, is the talk of the town for quite a while.

The net worth of Sagarika Ghatge along with information about her child, husband, and family are unveiled here

And we are here to untangle all your questions.

Sagarika Ghatge net worth

According to a report, Sagarika Shatge net worth 2020 is estimated to be about $3.2 million. And it equals approximately Rs 23.43 crores.

The actress achieved her status of fame after starring in the 2007 film Chak De! India. From then on, she has been seen in more films such as Miley - Naa Miley - Hum and Fox. She has worked in a lot of films while also endorsed a lot of brands in her career.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 1
The actress rose to fame after starring in Chak De! India

Therefore, it is understandable that Sagarika Ghatge net worth mostly comes from her acting gigs along with business ventures. For those who haven’t known, she is also a big car enthusiast and she has a BMW i5.

Sagarika has been married to cricketer Zaheer Khan since 23 November 2017. Both Sagarika Ghatge net worth and Zaheer Khan net worth are questioned by the netizens.

As reported, Zaheer Khan net worth is about $33 million which is Rs 241.5 crores if converted to rupees. Apart from a successful cricket career, he also co-own a famous clothing retail line named Sher Khan and was also its brand ambassador.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 2
Her husband is famous cricket player Zaheer Khan

His income also comes from his investment in the restaurant business as he has begun his own eatery, Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine.

Hence, the net worth of Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge is a whopping Rs 265.25 crores – an admirable number for sure.

Sagarika Ghatge child

The seasoned Indian fast bowler and the all-rounded actress have been married since 2017 and fans have been waiting for their good news for a while now. Lately, words on the street have gone round that Sagarika is pregnant with her first child with Zaheer Khan.

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sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 3
She is expecting her first child

Although the two have not made this official, Sagarika Ghatge’s loose dress with a hint of possible baby bump the other day seems to give it all away.

Now, friends of Sagarika and Zaheer have confirmed that they are all set to become parents.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 4
The couple is definitely having the best time of their life

Apart from Sagarika Ghatge child, happiness is also showering Bollywood as other beauties also announce their pregnancy. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have confirmed that they are expecting a baby boy, while Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are also having their second child.

Sagarika Ghatge family

It is not only Sagarika Ghatge net worth that may surprise you but her family is also an eye-opener.

Sagarika Ghatge family is of royal lineage. She is the daughter of Vijayendra Ghatge who is also an actor having appeared in several Hindi TV shows and movies. He is from the royal family of Kagal.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 5
Sagarika belongs to a royal family

Meanwhile, Sagarika’s grandmother is Sita Raje Ghatge – daughter of Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar III of Indore. Born on 8 January 1986, Sagarika Ghatge age is 34 at the time of writing. She was born in Kolhapur, India and completed her studying at Mayo College Girls School and H.R. College of Commerce and Economics

When she was still in college, Sagarika received a lot of offers to appear in ad films. However, her dad was not supportive of the idea as he had a strict belief that the actress should not venture in the entertainment world until she graduated. The young girl respected her father’s wants and decided to pursue her dreams after her studies are completed.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 6

On another hand, the fact that Sagarika was a national hockey player even in real life partially helped her to be cast as a hockey player in Chak De! India which was a hti film in 2007. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Vidya Malvade, the film follows the journey of coach Kabir Khan who aspires to help his girl team achieve success against every odd in the Hockey World Final.

She was also in the sixth season of Khatron Ke Khiladi and she was last seen in the web series BOSS: Baap of Special Services starring Karan Singh Grover. On the work front, she will be seen in two more movie projects including Monsoon Football and Footfairy.

With such hard work and investment in her career, it is no doubt that Sagarika Ghatge net worth deserves all commendations.

sagarika-ghatge-net-worth 7
Sagarika Ghatge net worth is certainly increasing in the future with her participating in more projects

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