Rishi Kapoor To Recover From Cancer Treatment And Intend To Return Home

Nalini Suri |Aug 03, 2019

After almost one year of treatment in New York, Rishi Kapoor is cancer-free now expecting the day to come back home with his wife.

Last year the announcement that actor Rishi Kapoor left us shocking and worrying for him. But it’s so happy that he is better physically and mentally now after recovering from cancer treatment. The actor has spent 10 months stationed in New York to get cancer-free since he moved to this city last September.

Rishi Kapoor has been in New York
Rishi Kapoor and his family

The 66-year-old actor is ‘in remission’ as a ‘natural process’ and eager to fly back to Mumbai. He is now in the mood of meeting his home, his city as well as his family and friends after a long time of being in a distance.

Rishi shared candidly


Rishi Kapoor

While the veteran actor has been absent from the entertainment industry for a certain time, he remains his sense of humor through his profile on social media. His wife Neetu Kapoor has been sharing several pictures showing that many Bollywood celebrities did come to visit him in New York.

Rishi Kapoor pays his gratitude to such overwhelming love by saying:


Rishi Kapoor has been in New York

Rishi Kapoor has been in New York

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor in New York
Bollywood celebrities visited actor Rishi Kapoor in New York

The actor continues to share his experience of resilient spirit though life throws a curveball at him. Actor Rishi sends out an influential message:



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