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Hanima Anand |Dec 01, 2020

If you are a big fan of the veteran actor Rakesh Bedi, come here and see his beautiful daughter Ridhima Rakesh Bedi who is also an actress and model now.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi is one of the two daughters of Rakesh Bedi and Aradhana Bedi. She is having her first steps in the entertainment industry now. Below is all that you should know about this Rakesh Bedi daughter.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 1
Ridhima's desire to become an actress is inspired by her father Rakesh.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi age

Ridhima Rakesh Bedia was born on 3 December in New Delhi to the actor Rakesh Bedi and Aradhana Bedi. Her birth year wasn’t revealed by any family member. However, based on the age of her father and her appearance as well, Ridhima Rakesh Bedi age is around 27 years old.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 2
This sexy confident girl hasn't had a boyfriend yet.

Ridhima Bedi is called Ridz at home. She has a sister named Ritika Bedi whose age remains unknown either.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi is still single. She hasn’t had a husband or boyfriend yet.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 3
She isn't hesitant to experiment with different fashion styles.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Instagram

In fact, there are many accounts that are mistaken for Ridhima Rakesh Bedi’s Instagram. Some are private accounts while some are also popular social personalities, but none of them are correct.

Currently, the TV actress Ridhima only has an official account under her name. Here’s Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Instagram.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 4
Be careful with Instagram accounts that share similar names with Ridhima Bedi.

You can see her frequent updates on daily lives as well as her common photos with her father Rakesh Bedi on the timeline. This girl looks rebellious with bold lipstick colors in old photos, whereas her recent album features a more feminine image.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 7
Dark green is one of her favorite lipstick colors.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi movies and shows

Like her father, Ridhima Rakesh Bedi loves acting. She is indeed a theatre actress, TV actress and model now. She has proved her versatility through many projects on the screen.

At the theatre, Ridhima was known for her role in Mera WohMatlab Nahi Tha, Ovee, Recharge 99 and Wrong Number.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 5
Inherited the talent from her father, Ridhima is a versatile theatre actress before having her Bollywood debut.

Meanwhile, some of the most successful Ridhima Rakesh Bedi movies and shows include Bollywood romance Teri Kahaaniyaan and Netflix series Little Things.

Sharing about her favorite Bollywood actors, Ridhima said she was a big fan of superstar Salman Khan and legendary comedian Anupam Kher. Her favorite movie in Bollywood is Zubaan (2015) by Mozez Singh. However, she admires director Kabir Khan the most in the industry.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 6
Her idol Anupam Kher is also a close friend of her father.

When she is not acting, Ridhima Rakesh Bedi loves watching her favorite show Victoria’s Secret. She is also fond of travelling to different places to explore the world.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Photo 8
She looks adorable in long hair with braids.

Watch a special short film that features Ridhima Bedi in the clip below!

About Rakesh Bedi family

Moving onto the father, Rakesh Bedi was born on 1 December 1954 in New Delhi. He is celebrating his 65th birthday today with his wife and two daughters.

Rakesh Bedi got married to Aradhana Bedi when he has secured a place in the entertainment industry with many successful comedy roles. They have two daughters together, Ridhima Rakesh Bedi and Ritika Bedi. Rakesh Bedi doesn’t have any son.

Ridhima Rakesh Bedi Family In Diwali
The Bedi family in 2020 Diwali

Rakesh launched his career in 1979 with the movie Hamare Tumhare. Till now, he has acted in more than 150 movies and TV series. Some of the most popular Rakesh Bedi movies are:

  • Chashme Buddoor
  • Ek Duuje Ke Liye
  • Shrimaan Shrimati
  • Yes Boss
  • Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
  • Uri: The Surgical Strike
  • Thoda Lutf Thoda Ishq
  • Good Boy, Bad Boy
Rakesh Bedi And Anupam Kher
Anupam Kher and Rakesh Bedi, two pillars of Indian comedy.

After over four decades in the industry, Rakesh Bedi has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth and respect from the audience.

As estimated in 2020, Rakesh Bedi net worth is around Rs 7 crore or $1 million. Compared to many other Bollywood stars, this number is a modest one but it’s still a dream for most of us.

Rakesh Bedi And Wife
Rakesh Bedi loves taking selfies with his wife Aradhana

Above is everything we got about Rakesh Bedi daughter Ridhima Rakesh Bedi and his family in general. Should you have more information to share, please feel free to post it in the comment section.

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