Richa Chadha: Men Think The Female-Focused Movies Won’t Succeed Without Voluptuous Scenes

Kareena Kusari |Nov 14, 2018

Richa Chadha claims that she dislikes the phrase ‘female-oriented’ movie. However, she thinks this term will be quite new until the movies focusing on female leads become popular and common in Bollywood.

Richa Chadha
Actress Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha claims that she dislikes the phrase ‘female-oriented’ movie. However, she thinks this term will be quite new until the movies focusing on female leads become popular and common in Bollywood.

The star born in 1986 states that the celebrated actress Nutan, as well as the famous one Rani Mukerji, have long succeeded in the female-driven films. Nonetheless, Richa has first realised this phrase since 2012 when the film English Vinglish, starring the actress Sridevi, was released.

Richa Chadha Has Praise For Sridevi, Rani, Nutan, And Nargis

Richa says that ‘women-centric’ has never been her favourite phrase. When hearing these words, she always answers that they have never used the one ‘male-focused’. However, in her opinion, the phrase will still be used until the female-driven films appear with high frequency and become the common phenomenon in cinema.

In the interview with PTI, Chadha has praised for Nutan, Nargis, Sridevi and Rani, the successful actresses in the feminist movies. Also, she expresses her admiration for the leading actresses in the new-wave movement in Indian cinema such as Smita Patil, Deepti Naval, Shabana Azmi, Neena Gupta, and Mita Vashisht.

Richa Chadha: Men Dominate The Movie Industry

Bollywood in 2018 saw the breakthrough of two female-driven films, Padmavati and Raazi. Specifically, these two movies achieved commercial successes and joined the list of highest-grossing Indian films.

Chadha believes the audience always welcomes the actresses who are capable of persuading them to go to the cinema. Nonetheless, the problem lies in the film-makers, exhibitors, and distributors who are unwilling.

In Richa’s opinion, men dominate the movie industry. In their eyes, the female-focused films won’t succeed if they lack the voluptuous scenes. Nevertheless, she believes that "a good story connects somewhere.”

Richa Chadha 2

Richa Chadha With Her Upcoming Project - Shakeela

Currently, Richa is in the process of filming her upcoming project, Shakeela. It is about Shakeela Khan’s life, a famous South Indian actress with adult movies in the 90s. She has appeared in many Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada language movies.

Helmed by the director Indrajit Lankesh, the film tells Shakeela's story from the poverty to fame and wealth, then return to poverty.

Comparison Between Shakeela And The Former Blockbuster, Dirty Picture

There are many comparisons between Richa and the actress Vidya Balan, the 2011 blockbuster’s female lead, Dirty Picture.

Dirty Picture is inspired by the life of the well-known actress, Silk Smitha. Silk leaves her poor countryside with the dream of becoming a famous star. She later becomes rich and emerges as a Southern sex symbol. Eventually, after many failures, she commits suicide.

It is widely asserted that Shakeela’s content is similar to Dirty Picture. Although Chadha knows that her film can’t escape from the comparison with the former one, she disagrees with these views. She states that Shakeela became famous, while Silk chose to end her life. Two years since Silk's death, Shakeela has been a celebrity.

Richa Chadha 3
Richa Chadha (left) meets actress Shakeela (right) before shooting the movie Shakeela

Richa Chadha: Shakeela Is A Particular Instance Of Feminism

Both films not only happen at the same time but also have similar aesthetics and visuals. Therefore, those with little knowledge of cinema claim that two movies are the same. Nevertheless, she asserts that their contexts are different.

The actress states that the main character of the film, Shakeela, is a particular instance of feminism in reality. Shakeela realises that her brave determinations to fight against unfair treatments will affect her occupation and her private life as well. And she knows that she is suffering the penalty for it. If facing similar situations, other people may fall into the state of bitterness, anger, suicidal tendency, or dependence.

Richa believes that schooling and knowledge of feminism is an issue, yet living feminism is a completely different one. And Shakeela has chosen the second thing.

In addition to Richa Chadha, Shakeela features actor Pankaj Tripathi. Besides, the actress Shakeela also plays a cameo role in the film. Shakeela is scheduled for release in March 2019.


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