[Shocking Report] Rhea Met Sushant Last Time At 3 AM, June 14th After Attending A Politician's Party

Hanima Anand |Oct 02, 2020

Though the news has been rumoured since the day he was found dead, it’s just confirmed by a witness yesterday. Read details below!

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his bedroom on June 14th morning while Rhea Chakraborty said she had left his house since June 8th so his sister could come and stay till June 13th. However, latest report from the Karni Sena leader unveiled what Rhea didn’t tell us before.

Surjeet Singh Rathore, leader of Karni Sena said he was present at the Cooper Hospital where SSR post-mortem was stored on June 15th. Here he met the film producer Suraj Singh. Suraj Singh told Surjeet that Sushant Singh Rajput met Rhea Chakraborty on June 13 night but Rhea left probably due to some fight.

Sushant And Rhea At Night
Rhea said she left Sushant on June 8 but didn't reveal he sent her home on June 13 night.

Surjeet also affirmed that Suraj Singh was co-ordinating everything at the hospital then. He had called Rhea Chakraborty and introduced Surjeet to the Jalebi actor. Via Suraj, Surjeet also met Sandeep Singh on that day, though he never knew any of them before.

Surjeet said he was told Sandeep Singh was a friend of SSR and he hasn’t contacted Suraj since then.

It should be noted that Surjeet was the one to witness Rhea saying ‘Sorry babu’ when seeing SSR body at the Mumbai hospital. He also informed the press that Rhea’s brother Showik and mother wanted to see Sushant’s face for the last time as well but they weren’t allowed by the police.

In fact, Surjeet has talked about the incident earlier but it was glossed over by the media. Starbiz used to record similar news that Sushant sent Rhea home on June 13th before being found dead but then other statements from Rhea Chakraborty denied the initial report.

Another person who confirms this is BJP Mumbai Secretary Advocate, Vivekanand Gupta. He is told by some eyewitnesses that Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty were at the same location at 3 am on June 14th before SSR dropped his girlfriend home.

Both Surjeet and Gupta said they were willing to co-operate with CBI if they needed their information. Below is the detailed report from Vivekanand Gupta for your reference.

Witness Report On Ssr Case

If what is reported by Vivekanand and Surjeet is true, Rhea is probably hiding something between her and Sushant on the night of June 13th and 14th. The family lawyer Vikas Singh representing SSR father also expressed his frustration over the delay of CBI in converting the case to murder.

Vikas Singh said that a doctor in the AIIMS team told him long ago that the mark on SSR body indicated 200% of a death by strangulation, not suicide as post-mortem report by the police.

Vikas Singh Post On Ssr Case

Many other politicians also agree that it’s time the CBI take a clear action to claim justice back to the late actor, instead of diverting the public attention to Bollywood drug case.

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