'There Are Uncountable, Unknown Stories Of Women Who Faced Sexual Harassment', Says Renuka Shahane

Author |Oct 24, 2018

We can't count the number of women whose MeToo story on earth. Still, there's much sexual harassment story waiting to be publicized, Renuka Shahane.

"We can't count the number of women whose MeToo story on earth. Still, there's much sexual harassment story waiting to be publicized.", claims Renuka Shahane.

The actor has, also, experienced such a sensitive story like other normal women. Though her story didn't relate to any renowned name in Bollywood, it affected her lives for a very long time. The way she looked her life has been changed since the moment of being harassed. She shared to PTI: "I spent my whole life to use public transportation. I was pinched between other men, my breast was pressed, vile things like that. Every day, there's an uncountable number of unprivileged women like me on train or bus."

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Recently, Renuka Shahane has participated in a CINTAA's advisory committee whose main purpose is to struggle with sexual harassment happened in Bollywood. Lately, they have solved the case between actor Tanushree Dutta and filmmaker Nana Patekar.

Apart from Nana Patekar, other big names in Bollywood like Sajid Khan, Alok Nath, Kailash Kher, Rajat Kapoor, and Subhash Ghai have been named in a sexual harassment list. "I'm very lucky when having experienced no sexual harassment since the very first moment I stepped into Bollywood.", the actor shared.

In addition, many years after working with Nath in the movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun of Rajshri Productions, Shahane knew that he was also a name in sexual harassment list thanks to a slap of Navneet Nishan to Nath going viral on mass media.

Lately, Nath received the accuse of the film director Vinta Nanda for his vile behaviour for more than 20 years. "During the shooting process of Rajshri, I strictly maintained discipline and kept a distance from him. I'm not kind of person involving in continuous parties. Therefore, we didn't have a chance to interact except when acting.


Fortunately, many organizations were established to protect the working environment for female celebrities. Namely, CINTAA, Screen Writers’ Association, Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association, Producers Guild of India, and Screen Writers’ Association. Sexual harassment is gradually eradicated from the film industry since these female celebrities have a place to raise their voice.

In addition, Shahane emphasized that: "Eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer a duty of specific organization or female only. It's unacceptable that you know or experience vile behaviour but you say nothing. We have to cooperate, now or never."

Shahane is currently preparing for her upcoming project What the Folks. Shahane has really contented with the crew and the safe working place. "Working in such a non-misogynist environment makes me feel more comfortable than ever before.", says Shahane.


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