Rakesh Roshan: “I Warned Rishi Kapoor About His Health”

Mohnish Singh |May 01, 2020

Rakesh Roshan and Rishi Kapoor’s friendship goes back 45 years. The filmmaker is shaken by the sudden demise of Kapoor on Thursday.

Rakesh Roshan is shattered by the sudden demise of actor and his close friend Rishi Kapoor who breathed his last on Thursday. They had been friends for 45 years. Talking to a publication, Rakesh Roshan reveals that he met Kapoor last on March 15 over dinner. Only Kapoor, his wife Neetu Kapoor and he were there, and they chatted for nearly three hours. They also discussed each other’s health.

For the uninitiated, Rakesh Roshan himself is a cancer survivor. Adding further, he says that Kapoor asked him why he did not start a new film. The filmmaker told him that he will wait until September when his final medical tests will happen. He said he would rather wait until he is fully sure as health comes first. And this is what he told Chintu also.

Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor died on 30th April

Rakesh Roshan blames Rishi Kapoor’s trip to Delhi in February for his health relapse. Both of them had cancer, though different kinds. The filmmaker says he was aware of how infection-prone they were. So, when Kapoor told him about his plans to go to Delhi in February for a wedding, he advised him against it. But he still went, and had a relapse there. When he met the actor again, he admitted he should have listened to him and that he made a mistake by going to Delhi.

Rakesh Roshan reveals how admitting his mistakes came easily to Rishi. The filmmaker says that he was short-tempered and impulsive and often regretted what he said. They both have our good and bad points and their friendship lasted so long because they accepted each other with their faults. They had no ego issues between them. Chintu would regret what he said or did and then apologize the next day. Roshan says that he was also quick to say sorry to him when he erred. That’s why they remained so close.


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