Radhika Madan Interview: “Irrfan Khan Never Stops Being A Student”

Mohnish Singh |Mar 14, 2020

Radhika Madan garners positive response for her performance in her latest film “Angrezi Medium”. The movie also stars Irrfan Khan in the lead role.

Radhika Madan, who kick-started her Bollywood inning with the Vishal Bhardwaj-directed Pataakha (2018), can be currently seen in Angrezi Medium, a satirical comic-caper which hit the marquee on 13th March. Radhika Madan plays the daughter of Irrfan Khan in the movie, and the audience is loving their camaraderie to no end.

In this interaction with STARBIZ, Radhika Madan tells us that how she landed the lead role, what attracted her to be a part of the film, things that she learnt from her co-star Irrfan Khan and much more. Radhika Madan also opens up about her working experience with diva Kareena Kapoor Khan who plays a pivotal part in Angrezi Medium.

Angrezi Medium
Radhika Madan plays Irrfan Khan's daughter

Tell us something about your film Angrezi Medium.

The film is about the journey of a seventeen-year-old girl whose fascination is to go to London and study. How her father crosses all the boundaries to fulfil his daughter’s dreams is what you see in the movie.

Did you watch Hindi Medium before or after you signed the film?

I had seen it way before I signed Angrezi Medium, and I was a really big fan of the film. When I came to know about Angrezi Medium, I was like, “What? The film’s second part is being made and auditions are happening?” That is when I went for the audition.

What made you sign the film?

Hindi Medium. That was the only thing which was keeping me on my toes. So, I had just finished Pataakha and got to know that they were auditioning for a new girl for Angrezi Medium. I begged them to audition me. At times you feel very lucky and it becomes overwhelming that your director and producer believe you as much as you believe in yourself, because at that time only Pataakha had released. In Pataakha, I played the character of a village girl who is many shades darker, has her hair bleached. And, suddenly, she says that she wants to play a seventeen-year-old girl. I think the producer or the director having the vision which you think for yourself, is the best thing that can ever happen. Since then I was so thankful to them that they believe me so much.

You and the whole cast and crew must have found the process of making this film emotionally draining as Irrfan Khan was ill. What was the vibe on the set like during the filming of Angrezi Medium?

Irrfan sir never showed that he was ill. He exuded so much of positivity and showed respect to the whole team which had Homi Adajania, the cameraman Anil Mehta sir and the costume department. Witnessing their relationship, you would feel that there was nothing more beautiful than this. It was not that he was doing it because he was hired as an actor and he had to perform. It was all beyond script and beyond contract. It was like an unspoken language between Homi Adajania and Irrfan Khan that the former would get to know when he had to pack-up and the latter used to understand when he had to push him more. The director just used to look at Irrfan sir’s eyes that when he was feeling drained. Anil sir used to make sure that his camera angles were such that Irrfan sir needed only one take.

Everybody was supporting each other. We all knew that Irrfan sir was our priority. I never was like, ‘Why did they take his angle first?’ We knew that he had to go and we were the ones who could support him. What happens is you become a family. It is like if I fall, you help me and, similarly, if you fall, I will help you. It is very important to have that relationship. I got to experience these beautiful moments while shooting for this film.

Radhika Madan
Radhika Madan debuted with Pataakha

How many scenes do you have with Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Not a lot, it is one or two. I am a huge fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan. I was trembling before meeting her. She is so sweet and she is so warm and she will never make you feel that she is a big star. It was a beautiful experience.

What are the qualities that you imbibed from Irrfan Khan?

I think he never stops being a student. This must be his 60th or 70th film, but even today he approaches every film as if this were his debut film. If there is an important scene that is to be done tomorrow, he will be seen reading it the night before. And he will be discussing it with Homi Adajania that how will we do it. And I was like, ‘Why do you need to do all this?’ And the with the kind of passion he approaches it, you feel that this is the only thing that I will treasure it through my entire life. That I will never stop being a student.

You all worked like one family, now that Irrfan Khan could not accompany you during the promotions, how much does it pinch you?

We all do miss him a lot, but we are representing him. His love is all over. And we wish him a speedy recovery and we know that he will get well very soon. We are giving him space, and as soon as he gets well, everybody will see him.

As an actor, is there any specific genre in your mind that you wish to explore?

No, I just want to surprise myself and the audiences. I don’t want them to put me in any box because I don’t put myself in any box. If you will see, Pataakha was different from Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota and Angrezi Medium is different from Pataakha and Shiddaat is going to be different from Angrezi Medium. Tarika and Badki are technically from Udaipur but if you tell that there is sea of a difference between them, that’s where I win as an actor. If that happens then I am sorted. I want to enjoy and live every character with utmost honesty. I’ll have fun and walk out.

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