Puneet Tyagi Exclusive Interview: "There Is Nothing Called Shortcut In Life"

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 24, 2019

In this exclusive interview with STARBIZ, Puneet Tyagi talks about the modeling world, and his passion in fashion, fitness, food and much more.

From being featured on the cover of men's style magzines to the face of many popular ad campaigns as well as starring in some of the fashion shows for Indian biggest fashion designers, this multi-talented model has us starstruck.

In this exclusive interview with STARBIZ, Puneet Tyagi talks about the modeling world, and his passion in fashion, fitness, food and much more.

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First of all, please tell us something about your modeling career!

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with fashion and always wanted to be noticed for my unique style. Even in my school days, I had this vision that I want to make my name "PUNEET TYAGI" a big brand.

I remember very well I started following international model when I was in 9th Standard and started contacting modeling agencies when I was in the 11th standard. I was lucky enough to get my first ramp show in later 12th standard for designer Harish K Vashisht.

Followed by designers like Bharat Reshma, Gargee designer, Var-shi designers and lot more along with multiple brand campaign like Honda amaze Volvo cars, Bombay shaving company, Beard Hood, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

We know that you are also a lawyer. How do you balance your life as a fashion influencer and a lawyer?

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Ahh, it’s all about time management though sometimes it becomes very restless to manage both aspects I enjoy balancing my passion and profession. I keep my self very much occupied and follow a disciplined schedule to meet all the ends.

Puneet Tyagi, you have a very unique personal style. Could you please elaborate that where do you get your fashion inspirations from?

Just to be different and a trendsetter. I have to follow fashion and style which has not influenced our Indian market up till now. The beard I guess is the X-factor which keeps me unique and stands odd one out. When it comes to following someone, I do not blindly imitate or follow someone but, yeah, I would like to name one model I think has inspired me a lot and he is Ben Dalhousie.

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Name some of your current fashion obsessions.

Black is my all-time fashion obsession. My wardrobe is full of black.

Who is your current favourite Bollywood celebrity fashionista?

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Hrithik Roshan and Katrina are my all-time favourite fashionista. I admire their dressing sense and the way they carry themselves. Hritik is a trendsetter in the fashion industry and carries himself as the latest fashion ask in the market. This guy has proved age is just a number and none of the upcoming celebs can compete with him.

You look perfect fit and fabulously handsome in all of your shoots. What is your secret mantra behind the same?

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Secret mantra is self-confidence and zeal to prove yourself. If you are confident within your self it will reflect in your action. No matter if you are on the shoot or anywhere if u confident self-focus it will keep you up always.

I am fit because I work to be fit. No matter where I am what I am doing I ensure that I do workout for at least an hour be in the gym or be it a home workout.

You are the fresh face of groom wear brands, tell us something about your experience with them?

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Well, my looks and personality completely go with the ethnic and Indo Western outfits. I have done most of my shoots for wedding collections. My beard gives me an upper hand for such brands and makes me more comfortable.

You know many men out there envy your beard. Could you please elaborate on your beard care routine and what are the products that you use?

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Well, I don't give any special treatment to my beard. To be very honest, I rarely use any beard product, the only thing I make sure I do is to massage my beard with coconut oil every second day.

Could you share quick everyday skincare or hair care tip that we can follow every day?

Skincare not only comes with the outer care but u have to have a balanced diet to nourish your skin from within your body. Always keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits.

I avoid oily and junk food. I do use homemade natural face packs to keep it toned and glowing. Haircare is also very essential and most of the men ignore it. I do oiling at least 2 times in the week and moisturize them daily.

Do you have any advice for all the fashion influencers out there?

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Yea, I just wanna say them that there is nothing called shortcut in life. Chase your passion devote your time you will get success. To be an influencer is not easy going achievement you have to invest your time in your hardship to achieve it. Do not get deprived if not getting quick results. The main thing is ball should keep on rolling and it will lead to success one day.

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