Priyanka Chopra's Sister Parineeti Demands Nick Jonas To Pay $5 Million As Shoe-hiding Fee.

Author |Nov 06, 2018

Parineeti replied with a demand: “She is very hard to get! But I can try for you if you agree to pay the 5 million dollar shoe hiding fee!”

Priyanka’s cousin sister Parineeti Chopra is seizing an exciting opportunity of earning money from her would-be brother-in-law Nick Jonas. The actress is about to be present in the highly-anticipated wedding of Priyanka and her fiancé Nick, and Parineeti is scheduled to take advantage of it.  The young actress is coming up with a plan for making money off the wedding. She is already demanding $5 million as shoe hiding fee from groom-to-be Nick Jonas.

Parineeti posted a picture taken at the bachelorette party in Amsterdam with Priyanka. In the picture, the sister duo is seen laughing whilst clinging on to one another. Priyanka is dressed in a shimmery white dress and her cousin is wearing a red and black dress mixed with a pair of black boots.

The American singer Nick dropped a comment on the photo, praising his bride-to-be that she is incredibly beautiful. “Any chance you could introduce me?” he further added.

Parineeti replied with a demand: “She is very hard to get! But I can try for you if you agree to pay the 5 million dollar shoe hiding fee!”

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Earlier, Parineeti called her future brother-in-law Nick Jonas as the missing piece of her sister. The actor, in an interview, revealed that she was promoting her film but at a wrong time as she was constantly asked about the golden couple, she explained. However, she said she was relatively excited and kept sharing about the conversation between her and Nick when both of them were sitting at home. She told him that his life of eight months ago was entirely different and no one could imagine her sister and Nick Jonas would be engaged then get married. “He was also like this was totally bizarre and unreal”, she added.

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Parineeti further revealed that she always wondered who her Mimi didi was about to marry and always imagined who her future brother-in-law would be. When she met Nick, it was kind of reassuring that Priyanka has finally found the one, who is right for his sister, she said.

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Talking about Nick Jonas, the actress shared he was a funny, calm, simple, and normal man and indeed, he truly loves her sister. According to her, Priyanka and Nick look wonderful together and she did not think no one could be a better person for her Mimi Didi than Nick.

Parineeti said she did not know the first thing about the engagement. Sharing the story, she stated that she missed two phone calls from Priyanka in the midnight and she knew something was happening when she checked her phone at around 6am. But she honestly shared that she never thought those two missed calls would be an engagement announcement.

“I was shocked,” she said when seeing Nick and her sister on facetime and Priyanka showed her the ring. She was relatively glad when the two made it official.

The desi girl Priyanka and American singer Nick Jonas will allegedly tie the knot on December 2.


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