Politicians Complain About Too Much Attention For Sushant Post His Death, Enraging Fans On Twitter

Hanima Anand |Aug 14, 2020

The two politicians Majeed Memon and Sharad Pawar just released controversial statements on SSR death. Both hint that people are paying too much attention to SSR post his death.

While netizens are stirring up the Internet with such hashtags as #JusticeforSSR or #Warriors4SSR, a number of politicians remain indifferent to the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Some even post controversial tweets about the late actor.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput case is the centre of media attention since mid-June.

“Sushant wasn’t as famous during lifetime as post death”

That’s the statement from Majeed Memon, the Nationalist Congress neta, published on his Twitter account. The politician released his claim on Wednesday, receiving 994 likes till now. Most people left comments to express their disappointment towards his insensitive words.

Majeed Menon On Sushant Singh Rajput
Majeed Menon posted his controversial Tweet amid SSR case investigation.

Majeed Menon said that the audience and media were paying too much attention to Sushant Singh Rajput after his demise, even more than to Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the President of US Donald Trump. Of course, fans didn’t agree with his opinion as each individual has their own interest. Why does everyone need to care about politicians more than their Bollywood idols?

After the harsh reaction from netizens, the NCP leader Nawab Malik has clarified to Twitter users that the statement by Menon was his personal opinion and not representing NCP’s viewpoint. The leader highlighted the fact that Menon was not the spokesperson of the party, nor did NCP support his claim in any form. Nawab said he didn’t mean to insult the late actor under any circumstances.

Not stopping there, Majeed Menon continued to tweet that Sushant’s soul ‘must be suffering’ when the media called his name every day. He insisted the investigation information must be kept secret instead of being leaked to the media.

However, Majeed Menon should be aware that if there remains mystery in the SSR case, it’s the public pressure that will encourage the authorities to get back justice to the late actor. If everything is kept secret within Mumbai police who didn’t file FIR at all, could we come to this stage of a CBI probe?

“Over 20 farmers have died by suicide, nobody spoke about it”

Another politician who had controversial statements over Sushant Singh Rajput case. He also came from Nationalist Congress Party but his claim should not be considered the NCP’s opinion.

Chief Sharad Pawar shared that the untimely demise of Sushant was an unfortunate event but the incident shouldn’t be discussed that much. He hardly commented on the investigation over SSR death but he didn’t feel the case was ‘such a big issue.’ He also mentioned the death of over 20 farmers who also committed suicide during the pandemic but no one had ever spoken about it.

Moreover, Sharad Pawar expressed his strong support for Mumbai police. He said he had known Maharastra and Mumbai police force for 5 decades and he trusted them. However, he wouldn’t oppose the CBI investigation though. Interestingly, there are several supporting replies to his Tweet while the majority opposes the opinion.

Comments On Sharad Pawar Post On Sushant
Replies to Sharad Pawar's statement in the interview with ANI

Responding to Sharad Pawar’s opinion, we feel compulsory to clarify that the nature of two events of Sushant’s death and farmers’ suicide may differ greatly from each other. Sushant’s family and fans won’t turn it into such a big issue if every detail is clear-cut from the beginning. When people suspect that’s not a normal suicide, they have the right to require CBI probe. Once the truth is unveiled, no one would want to disrupt Sushant’s sleep in heaven.

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