I'm very proud to be part of the film Saina Nehwal, says Shraddha Kapoor

Jyotis |Oct 03, 2018

"Being a part of the film is one of the luckiness in my career", shared Shraddha Kapoor.

"Being a part of the film is one of the luckiness in my career", shared Shraddha Kapoor. Reportedly, Kapoor is busy at preparing for the upcoming film directed by Amol Gupte. Amol Gupte built the plot according to the life journey of an Indian professional badminton singles player Saina Nehwal.

At the events on Tuesday in Mumbai, the actor Shradhha Kapoor has shared her thoughts of the experiences on the shooting process with director Amol Gupte, producer Bhushan Kumar.

Also, she expressed her feeling of the parents of Saina Nehwal, Usha Rani Nehwal and Dr. Harvir Singh Nehwal. Speaking about Saina's parents, Shraddha expressed: "Saina's parents gave lots of love to me and they treated me like a family member when I visited them, so, I felt really good to see them here."

When the parents of Saina visited the shooting places, they expressed their loves for Shraddha like their real daughter.

“Being a part of the film is one of the luckiness in my career." she affirmed.

Shraddha Kapoor at the promotion event of Stree in Mumbai. 

The press has asked about her feelings when Saina Nehwal's release day's delay occurred. Shraddha affirmed that she was not nervous at all. Moreover, they've got ready for this project long time ago. She also shared that Saina Nehwal's biopic is really impressive therefore she have to invest deeply in order to understand the character.

In addition, Shraddha Kapoor has also shared her happiness when her latest movie Stree has hit the box office and brought around Rs 119 crore just after 5 weeks. “I am really exciting when the movie is performing very excellently. I am grateful to the whole media and the faithful audience since they enthusiastically supported a content-driven movie. It sounds very lucky to be an actor and a part of such success movie," Shraddha excitingly shared with the media.

Supposedly, Stree is one of the strongest opponents of Alia Bhatt, starred by Razzi. Stree is going to beat Alia Bhatt reached the number of Rs 125 crore after releasing. Shraddha showed her exciting proud about the success.  Besides, she's shared that the quality of the movie can't be determined by the crore at the theater. We, the audiences, will be the judgments whose right to say that whether they are good or bad.

The film about Saina Nehwal's journey luckily has the joining of the actor Shraddha Kapoor. Also, it receives the directing and production of the two famous directors and producer, Amol Gupte and Bhushan Kumar who has directed T-Series.


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