Picture Of Shahrukh Khan's Daughter Suhana With Her College Friends Spreads

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 10, 2019

A picture of Suhana brightly smiling beside college friends has recently uploaded on SNS by one of her fan club. Take a look!

A fan club of Suhana Khan posted a picture of her at English college on Instagram yesterday. In it, she is wearing black joggers paired with a black jacket, which is considered to be fashionable by numerous people. In fact, several pictures taken her college life have been spread. This one, however, still receives massive attention from the public due to Suhana's beautiful smile which can comfortably brighten one's day.

Take a look at the stunning picture.

Suhana Khan College Picture

Shah Rukh Khan's pretty daughter, Suhana, a highly-praised model and actress, is going abroad to England for higher education. Through several pictures shared on the Internet, we find her enjoying the college life to the fullest, working hard, playing hard with close friends. Particularly most people's favourite picture, Suhana Khan's performing for a play, shows her genuine talents and promising future career. She attracts so much attention ever after that the public have been gravitating towards her fan clubs just to check out more pictures.

The star's acting and performing career set off quite soon when she made a magazine cover appearance. Since the debut, Suhana has stolen the spotlight not only due to her name as famous actor Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, but also her trendy fashion sense and real talents. No matter where she appears and what occasion it is, going out for lunch dates with friends in Mumbai or attending a film party, she's always able to show a stylish and stunning look.

In a recent interview, when being questioned about his child's entry into Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan said that after finishing school, Suhana would go to an educational institute for three to four years to train in acting. The prominent actor never fails to present his affection and pride of the beloved daughter. Recently, Shah Rukh also travelled all the way to England to watch Suhana’s play and later, shared a picture on SNS praising her brilliant performance, sounding as proud as a father could be.


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