Former Phantom Staff Who Used To Lay Charge Against Vikas Bahl Stops Pursuing The Case

Author |Oct 20, 2018

There is a Phantom Films’ ex-employee who used to lay a charge against Vikas Bahl a well-known film director for sexual assault.

A Phantom Films’ ex-employee who used to lay a charge against well- know film director Vikas Bahl for sexual assault today announced that she will stop to pursue the matter in court. Reportedly, because there was no appearance of the survivor in court, a lawyer will be responsible for presenting her statement. She said that over three years, she still has to experience this man’s hands and she has suffered enough. Also, she doesn’t want herself to have any involvement in proceedings. Hence, she won’t file the affidavit and gives out the statement only. On the other hand, the lawyer also declares that this woman will stand by those statements. These are what she has made in front of the public against Bahl.

According to reports from Justice SJ Kathawalla, they all reached an agreement that there must have a committee which includes both males as well as females in order to take such issues into consideration. After that, the lawyer of Vikas Bahl also had a talk with ANI. Hitesh Jain (Bahl’s lawyer) revealed that the postponement of this matter is until October 23. The victim of this sexual assault also confirms that she won’t submit any further complaint to make it against Bahl. That’s why it is easy to infer from this batter to see what it was about. It is obvious that it’s all about the fight for Vikas’s truth as well as pride.

Vikas Bahl

Vikas Bahl on another attack...

There is another evident attack which aims at not only Anurag Kashyap but also Vikramaditya Motwane. The lawyer expressed that they’re making the great attempt in order to speak ill of his client’s image. He added that when the victim discontinues filing any complaint, it’s an automatic feeling that there is an unknown person who aims at firing from her shoulders.

Recently, Vikas Bahl also had submitted the defamation case to the High Court of Bombay which is against Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap and some others. Moreover, he also found the reimbursement from respondents of the Rs. 10.

Vikas Bahl

As regards this defamation case, Vikas Bahl claimed that Motwane and Kashyap exploited the widespread #MeToo movement which has been taking place in India. Then, he released unproven, false and malevolent statements as well as accusations against him. He does this via the platforms of these people’s social media. Before that, the former employee of Phantom Films blamed Vikas for sexual molestation. Furthermore, she recounted some experience with this director in multiple interviews.


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