One-night stand is what Vikas Bahl always boasts, says Kangana Ranaut

Jyotis |Oct 11, 2018

Kangana Ranaut recently revealed the vile behavior of Vikas when answering the interview having the participation Miss Malini.

The #MeToo movement in India has grown never than before with #MeToo confession in the mass media and social media. Fresh in the news, Anurag Kashyap has accused Vikas Bahl of sexual assault with the member of the crew. Also, he expressed the regret for not having done anything to during the filming of the Phantom project.

Besides, Kangana Ranaut, the main character in Queen directed by Vikas, recently revealed the vile behavior of Vikas in an interview.

Kangana Believes The Girl Who Was Harassed By Vikas Bahl

Completely believe in what the being harassed girl said

On his Tweet, Kangana shared that she completely believe in what the girl told about Vikas. Although Vikas had marriage in 2014, he continuously boasted about how wonderful his one-night stands are and unclear relationships whenever they met. Especially, Kangana emphasized that she didn't have the right to conclude anything from the relationships of her colleagues. However, because of scaring that sex addiction has a possibility to turn into a serious sickness, she raised her voice.

Kangana Says Even She Felt Uncomfortable Around Him

Uncomfortable feeling whenever being near Vikas

Kangana shared that Vikas always has parties and he often laughs on her habits of early sleeping. "Vikas always says that my lifestyle is not cool at all", says Kangana.

Whenever they met, hugged and greeted socially, Vikas will have his face get closer to her neck, hold her body tightly and whisper on her hair.

‘Now That Phantom Is Dissolved, Many Are Attacking Him’

The dissolution of Phantom

"Love the way you smell" is what Vikas had said into Kangana's ear. At that time, she had to put the great effort and strength to get out of his vile behavior.

Everything she talked about him is 100% the truth.

Nonetheless, the actor expressed her disappointment when all the accusations pointed to him only after the dissolution of Phantom though the girl had called out for a very long time before.

Kangana Says She Supported The Girl The Moment She Learnt About Her

Kangana gave the girl assistance at the very first moment she heard her story

At the moment that story was killed on purpose, Kangana stood up and gave the assistance. Moreover, she had shared the girl's problem in the promotion event of her brand. She assumed that the #MeToo movement will follow her voice but not.

Kangana Says Vikas Stopped Talking To Her

The relationship between Kangana and Vikas ended after she voiced up

At that moment, Vikas brought the Haryana's script of gold medalist to meet Kangana. When being heard about the accuse of the girl, Vikas no longer talks to Kangana anymore. But what Kangana said is "I don't care about his feeling".

‘Attacking Powerless Men Won’t Begin A Movement’

Kangana's movement

"Either we do it or we don't! Let's not be opportunists..." The actor emphasized that if we don't raise our voice, the sexual harassment accuses will lastly a tool of entertainment, a tabloid rumor but nothing else.

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