On Hearing About The Upcoming Wedding Of Deepika, Shah Rukh Khan Reveals He Wished To Hug Her

Author |Nov 03, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan, a renowned stars with his release of the Zero trailer on Friday on the occasion of the 53rd birthday received the similar inquiry during the trailer release.

It seems that the wedding season is blossoming in Bollywood. This year, two most mentioned names Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone set to get married. Shah Rukh Khan, a renowned star with his release of the Zero trailer on Friday on the occasion of the 53rd birthday received a similar inquiry during the trailer release.

As regards his trademark style, Shah Rukh Khan funnily said that it is such a piece of good news that everyone is getting married. He also joked by asking himself “what does he do?”. They are tying the knot so good. Then, they will have children.  SRK also said that he had already gotten married.

And, how could he tie the knot one more time? However, he sent his best wish to the wedding of Ranveer and Deepika this month. He revealed that he cannot hide his feelings when hearing his industry friends will get married.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan Used To Debut With Anushka and Deepika

Shah Rukh Khan revealed that when he took his first steps into this film industry, he began working with Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. And, they tied the knot already. Because these ladies had given him so much love, his career of being a star as well as an actor has flowered. Then, the second generation also got hitched. And, this functions as the third set to tie the knot.

He added he is extremely emotional when hearing they are going to get married. He gave Deepika a call and expressed that he really wished to hug her. Moreover, Shah Rukh Khan also told her to live in happiness and contentment. He expresses his love to both Ranveer and Deepika. He continued that at the time that the couple calls, they will have a celebration together.

Additionally, Shah Rukh Khan lets the fans know that in fact, not only Anushka but also Deepika has their first acting appearance in the film industry with him. That’s why it is really special for him. To be more specific, Deepika Padukone made her Bollywood debut with SRK in the film, Om Shanti Om. Whereas, Anushka participated with him in their Bollywood debut in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Shah Rukh Khan

On November 14 and 15, Bollywood will welcome the great news that Ranveer and Deepika are going to to get married. In regard to Priyanka, she will also have a contented marriage with Nick Jonas, her fiance who is a renowned American singer on December 2.


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