OFFICIALLY: Ranveer Singh Announces The Date Of The 64th Vimal Filmfare Awards

Leela Adwani |Mar 12, 2019

Mr. Anil Verma, Mrs. Nina Elavur Jaipuria, Mr. Deepak Lamba together with Jitesh and Ranveer jointly lit up the auspicious lamp.

Ranveer Singh was recently seen being present at the press conference of the 64th Vimal Filmfare Awards thrown in Mumbai to announce the date of the awards.

The annual event honouring the Bollywood’s best talents will take place on March 23, 2019, the Gully Boy star Ranveer Singh announced while being on the stage with Filmfare's editor Jitesh Pillai. Mr. Anil Verma (Group Marketing Hear of Vimal Group), Mrs. Nina Elavur Jaipuria (from Viacom 18), Mr. Deepak Lamba (CEO of Worldwide Media) together with Jitesh and Ranveer jointly lit up the auspicious lamp.

Sharing his thought about Filmfare’s editor, Ranveer stated that ever since he started his career in the entertainment field, the actor has hardly met someone like Jitesh as he is genuinely kind, warm, genuine and real. The star further bared his heart that the editor made him feel like a brother and also a father.

Jitesh, on the other hand, talked about Ranveer that he is like Ranveer’s proud parent. The editor added Filmfare always celebrates the excellence and Singh has been an indispensable part of that.

The actor also went on to share an exciting incident,

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