Nick Jonas Reveals Why Priyanka Chopra Is The Right Person For Him

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 10, 2018

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' intercontinental romance has been giving us some major relationship goals. After a brief courtship period, the lovebirds are reportedly all set to tie the knot next...

Recently, gorgeous actress Priyanka Chopra spilt the real beans that Nick took initiative in contacting her. Last year, they met each other at Met Gala, and right after that, the duo maintained the connection via messages. In addition to PeeCee, Nick also talked about it in an interview. Answering to USA Daily, Nick revealed about the reason made he believes that the right one for him is PeeCee.

Some relationship goals have been set from the intercontinental romance of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Furthermore, the couple reported that they will get married next month. PeeCee had her pre-wedding celebrations, her bridal shower and a wonderful vacation with her friends in Amsterdam.

Nick On Why Priyanka Is The Perfect Partner For Him

In a magazine interview, Nick did not hesitate to share that in order to achieve the goal of their relationship, the honesty between two soul mate is the key. He confidently stated: "I have that in my life now"

Parineeti Chopra has no doubt that Nick was born for Priyanka.

Parineeti Chopra, a famous actress of the movie Namaste England, answered to a daily about her conversation with Nick Jonas when they are at home and relax. When being asked about how his last eight months was, it seems to be that Nick Jonas' life was completely changed. Nobody has thought that Nick and Priyanka will be engaged. According to Parineeti, Nick was also fell like it was odd and unreal.

Parineeti Chopra always questioned about the guy who could be her soulmate of Mimi Didi. However, since she met Nick, she found the answer for herself. Indeed, Parineeti Chopra reassured that her cousin sister found her love, the one that was born for her. They immersed in love. "I don't think there could have been a better person for her." Parineeti Chopra claimed.

Parineeti Chopra Too Believes That Nick & Priyanka Are Made For Each Other

They won half of the battle

According to Parineeti Chopra, Nick and Priyanka found the love and know that they belong to each other, and now, they engaged. In an interview, Parineeti Chopra mentioned that she excitingly waiting for their wedding.

It's Half The Battle Won

On a related note

Nick purchased a gorgeous 4,129 square feet mansion which worth $ 6.5 million. This is going to be their love nest and it has 5 bedrooms, stunning canyon views, swimming pool rounded by a wooden terrace.


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