What to expect from Mitron movie: A typical love story?

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Even though audiences might have fed up with love stories everywhere on the screen, "Mitron" still win our hearts.

Surprisingly, we can not explain why we adore this film discussing love marriage versus arranged marriage. To add to that, "Mitron" also talks about the pitfalls of being afraid and on the contrary, the benefits of being fearless.

Isn't this too typical? What is so special about this film that we love it so much?

We can see that from the start, "Mitron" seems to be an expected romance drama built on a quick-fix plot, and also narrated in such a non-linear format. Even from the first incident where the lead characters - Jay and Avni - met, everything seems so predictable and formulaic.

This was due to all of the prototype elements, found mostly in any romantic movies.


And then "Mitron" invited us into Jay and Avni's arranged marriage. From one scene, we can see both families greeting one another at the entrance to Avni's home. And then the next scene, the lead characters are somehow locked together in Avni's bedroom.

And that is when they started reminiscing about their past failed romance.

One thing leads to another, both Jay and Avni saw that there was such a great chemistry between the two of them. But, as expected, something terrible happened. It was only then that Jay's family realized they have knocked on the wrong door. They were in the wrong home and of course, there were not be any 'arranged' marriage between Jay and Avni.

But the story excites us because of the upcoming situations where the two lovers find their way back to each other!

Critics say that "Mitron" is built on a sketchy story, unconvincing and implausible. They also mention that it was given such theatrical treatment that the film gives off even a more unrealistic feel.

However, the wits are all in the lines. The audience find the one-liner dialogues between the characters so cheerful and entertaining. Every line can be a punch line. Not to add that the amazing cast gave their everything to give such performances. That is what the audience put their trust on!

'Jay' is described as a loser, a guy with almost no ambition and refuses to work hard. And we all know that Jackky Bhagnani is known for his gawky demeanour, so it is not a surprise to see him living 'Jay''s life so effortlessly.

On the other hand, Kritika Kamra - playing Avni - has been well known for her previous works on television. Now that she is debuting in this feature film, she has all the potentials to fulfill the role of a large screen heroine. She is just so competent.

Actor Prateik Babbar took on the role  as Avni's love interest, and also a very charming guy.

Besides, Jay's friends - Raunak and Deepu - are played by Prateek Gandhi and Shivam Parekh. They are fascinating in their own way despite the typical roles. "Mitron" is narrated in a very charming way, thanks to the effective collaboration from all of the cast.


Though director Manoj Kumar Khatoi did not target to add too much production values, his lens successfully captured the lovely locales and drama, with such precision. Sameer Uddin brilliantly took care of the music and the songs, adding a big plus to the narrative flow.

If you don't believe us, you can try to ignore the credit dandiya song. Believe us, this earworm would keep your eyes on the screen even though the film is long over.

Overall, "Mitron" tells of life but not romance, surprisingly. Audiences can expect to be moved because of the lovers' story as individuals. Will it be a happy ending? Well, you will have to see it for yourself to know.

(IANS Ratings: 2.5 stars)


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