Sajid Khan Denies Sexual Assault Allegations When Responding To IFTDA Notice

Author |Oct 31, 2018

Sajid Khan has been named as one of the celebrities to be accused of sexual assault due to the widepread of #MeToo movement in the film industry.

Because of the ongoing #MeToo movement in India, it has been suddenly successful in this country’s film industry. This widespread movement has come with loads of appalling disclosures from women who have this place as their working environment. Through #MeToo, some prevalent names have come out. And, such people with sexual assault complaints should have been shamed by their misconduct and bad behaviors. One of the names is Sajid Khan, a well-known Indian filmmaker. To be more particular, Rachel White (a renowned actress), Saloni Chopra (an assistant director), as well as Karishma Upadhyay ( a journalist) have raised their voice to accused this filmmaker of sexual assault.

Immediately after that, IFTDA ( Indian Film And Television Directors Association) has issued Sajid a notice with a view to looking for a clarification for the existed complaints which are against him. And now, this filmmaker has responded to IFTDA for the very first time. His reply is all about his reputation of all sexual assault complaints which are currently aiming at him.

Sajid Khan

How does sexual assault accusations affect Sajid Khan?

As regards Sajid’s detailed response, a report from Bombay Times has revealed that he sent IFTDA his apology if there remains the certain awkwardness to IFTDA by such allegations against him. Those sexual harassment accusations have resulted in irreparable detriment to his career path. More than that, they even seriously saddened his mother as well as his sister.

From the beginning, he refutes all the complaints which target at him as previously mentioned in the notice. Then, the reports also says that Sajid Khan modestly askes this association not to create any partial judgement. And, he is always willing to cooperate with IFTDA.

Immediately after this movement stories involving the molestation allegations against him began to become widely known, Sajid Khan has had to withdraw from producing Housefull 4. And, he had given his official statement through a tweet. The tweet says that the spread of the accusations which levelled against Khan as well as the pressure from them have exerted on his family, stars of Housefull 4, and his producer as well. Hence, he needs to take the moral charge of withdrawing from his position of a director and producer.

Sajid Khan

His withdrawal will be until when he could alleviate the accusations and corroborate the truth. Moreover, Sajid Khan also sends his request to all his friends via the mead so as not to spread this judgment from IFTDA until the truth comes out.

Reactions of Sajid’s sister

Farah Khan who is Khan’s sister also wrote a Twitter post that it is such a distressing period for her whole family. They are supposed to work via several complicated matters. In case, her brother has had such a behavior, he has so much to apologize. Plus, she cannot approve such manner. Hence, she would extend her support as well as stand in unity with women who suffered from this hurt.


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