MeToo: Aahana Kumra Asked Me To Have Sex With A Dog For Rs 100 Crore, Says Aahana Kumra

Jyotis |Nov 04, 2018

The fifth accuse comes from Aahana Kumra. Reportedly, she affirmed that Khan called her to his house and asked her to have sex with his dog.

The Housefull's director Sajid Khan has received five accusations of sexual harassment from actor Saloni Chopra, journalist Karishma Upadhyay, actor Rachel White, and Simran Suri and lately Aahana Kumra. Reportedly, she affirmed that Khan called her to his house and asked her to have sex with his dog.

Sharing to The Times of India, the actor said: "He hasn't touched my body yet. I do know that Khan is a dishonorable man. One year ago, Khan called me to his room, which is absolutely dark, forced me to watch his bizarre DVD collection. Though I threatened him that my mother is working as a police, he continuously asked if I agreed to have sex with his dog, I would receive Rs 100 crores for that shameful behavior."

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After the allegations of three celebs and one journalist, Sajid Khan obviously can't maintain his directing position in Housefull 4. Recently, Akshay Kumar, the main actor of Housefull 4, has confirmed on his twitter that whoever involving in sexual harassment will no longer be his colleagues. These vile behaviors must receive deserve punishment. Since then, the release date of the film has been postponed.

Apart from Sajid Khan, the actor Aahana Kumra has also accused Kwan Entertainment founder Anirban Das Blah of having vile behavior towards her. Previously, Anirban has received the accuses of making sexual abuse towards four aspiring actresses.

"Anirban Blah and I met at a luxury five-star hotel. Anirban said that he often has usual conversations with women in a room of that hotel and invite me to come in. I found it not "usual" at all. Finally, I refused his invitation. Admittedly, I shook like a leaf at the time.", said Aahana.1539676789 Anirban Blah 1200

Nonetheless, Aahana emphasizes that her initial purpose of speaking out is not to punish these vile people. She was happy when knowing that Anirban accepted the accuse and promise to change himself. Reportedly, the celeb management Aahana has tried to kill himself because of what he had caused. "I can't balance between sex and power. For me, having sex was just an element in love. Somehow, I was turned into a vile monster." Also, Aahana promised to create a "safe and clean" working environment.

Beginning by the accuse of Tanushree Dutta to Nana Patekar, the India women's MeToo movement has called out Vikas Bahl, Rajat Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Subash Ghai and become a hotter movement than ever before.

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