Mallika Sherawat Saw The Future Of Kamala Harris When Meeting Her A Decade Ago!

Hanima Anand |Nov 09, 2020

The Bollywood actress was seen hanging out with Kamala Harris in a 2009 party. What’s even more shocking is she said Kamala Harris could become the US President one day.

One day after the result of US President Election 2020 was announced, people in South India are celebrating the record victory of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris whose grandfather was born and raised there. Netizens start to search for every trace of this powerful woman that links to India, and they got much more than what they bargained for from Mallika Sherawat!

Mallika Sherawat Photo 1
Guess what Mallika brought to you today!

A photo of Kamala Harris and the Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat at a party back in 2009!

Mallika Sherawat And Kamala Harris

For your information, Mallika Sherawat was participating in a film project named Politics of Love. In the movie, she played the role of a Democratic campaign worker, basing on the image of Kamala Harris in the old days. The film was set to release in 2011.

To research and complete her role, Mallika Sherawat had to visit San Francisco in 2009. This was also where she met Kamala Harris who was the Attorney General of San Francisco then.

Mallika Sherawat Photo 2
At the age of 33, Mallika had a chance to meet the current US Vice-President-elect.

The Bollywood actress posted the photo on both Facebook and Twitter accounts with different captions. On Facebook, she wrote that she was inspired by Kamala Harris for her role in Politics of Love. However, what drew most attention of people is her Tweet. Mallika Sherawat wrote:

“Having fun at a fancy event with a woman who they say could be US President, Kamala Harris. Chicks rule!”

Mallika Sherawat Tweet On Kamala Harris
Netizens react to her Tweet after finding out.

Mallika Sherawat was born on 24 October 1976. The 44-year-old actress is known for her sizzling figure and bold attitudes. Some of her most successful movies include Khwahish (2003), Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006), Aap Ka Suroor (2007) and Double Dhamaal (2011).

Mallika Sherawat Photo 3

Not only being one of the most popular Bollywood actresses, Mallika Sherawat is also among rare Bollywood celebrities to cross over to the Hollywood industry. This is the time when she met a lot of influential figures in the world, ranging from top entrepreneurs as Bill Gates to powerful politicians as Barack Obama.

Mallika Sherawat With Bill Gates
Mallika attended an event with Bill Gates.
Mallika Sherawat With Paul Allen
She also met Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

However, she only appears in some English movies such as Hisss (2010) and Politics of Love (2011) before returning to Indian entertainment products.

Mallika Sherawat With Barack Obama
A throwback photo of Mallika and former US President Barack Obama
Mallika Sherawat With Laura Bush
Do you know who she is? Laura Bush, the former First Lady of the US.

In fact, she made her appearances in a Chinese film named Time Raiders in 2016 as well. Throughout the years, Mallika Sherawat has proved herself as more than a sexy symbol but a versatile actress.

Mallika Sherawat With Jackie Chan
During the time she worked in Hollywood, she got along with Jackie Chan.

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