Living In The World’s Pandemic Epicenter, What Does Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter Do Every Day?

Leela Adwani |Apr 04, 2020

Obviously, social distancing is unable to stop her from dancing and doing what she likes.

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is no stranger to the limelight. She has enjoyed the taste of a star life since she was a kid. However, being the dearest daughter of one of the biggest Bollywood star seems not to be an easy task for the celebrity kid. The 20-year-old recently set her Instagram account public but before this she had kept everything private.

No prize for guessing fans are fulfilling their curiosity about the life of Suhana but it has never been enough. They are always keen on getting more insights into her life. Even though she has not officially debuted on the silver screen yet, she made her acting debut in a short film named The Grey Part Of Blue. SRK’s dearest daughter got a lot praises for her performance in this small project. Not just this fans were also in awe of her dancing talent.

The US’ authorities have ordered the country to shelter in place and Suhana is currently living in New York City which is known to be the epicenter of this pandemic in the US. Of course, like many other, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is social distancing and has found a perfect way to stay healthy and keep it during the quarantine.

Suhana can be seen opting for belly dancing online classes and it’s not far off the mark to say she is very much as dedicated as her proud dad when it comes to keeping fit. Obviously, social distancing is unable to stop her from dancing and doing what she likes.

Check out more pictures to see how Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter spends her days during the lockdown in NYC.

Shah Rukh Khans Daughter
Suhana Khan while in New York City
Shah Rukh Khans Daughter 2
social distancing

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