Kushal Tandon On Break-up Rumor With Ridhima Pandit: It Is The Figment Of Someone's Imagination

Priyansh Ha |Jun 11, 2019

Kushal Tandon slammed the rumor away with a long Instagram note saying it's impossible for him to break up with anyone as he has been single for over a couple of years.

It seems like Kushal Tandon has put an end to the speculations around his love life. While rumor has it that the Beyhadh actor has been dating his close friend Ridhima Pandit for quite a while, Kushal slammed it away with a long Instagram note.

According to him, he has been single for a couple of years so it is impossible for him to break up with anyone. He also added that the rumor about his break up is 'figment of someone's over-active imagination' and hoped that they will 'get well soon'.

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Kushal Tandon has finally put an end to his rumored relationship with co-star Ridhima Pandit. (Source: Twitter)

He Says What He Believes In

Apart from making it clear on his relationship status, the actor stated that he loves and respects all of his co-stars. Therefore, he is sure that none of them would make use of this publicity gimmick to make headlines. Finally, Kushal Tandon expresses his appreciation for being able to clarify his stand on social media.

Kushal’s post has received support and understanding from not only fans but his co-actor Karishma Sharma. The young actress wrote that Kushal is one of her 'best-spirited co-stars' and she is always with him.

Ridhima Pandit Kushal Tandon
The pair have been close friends since working together on the set of Hum. ( Source: Hindi Rush)

They Are 'Just Good Friends'

Earlier, the rumor about Kushal and Ridhima’s link-up has been sparkled since last year when Kushal threw a special party for his friend on her birthday. Despite their great camaraderie, the pair denied the dating rumors.

When being asked about their relationship, Ridhima stated that they were ‘just good friends’. In fact, they worked together on the set of the web series Hum. Meanwhile, Kushal said that it was usual for him to get along with his co-star.

“I don't make friends very easily, but when I do, they are more than friends and that’s called 'family'," said the actor.

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