Kalki Koechlin And Anurag Kashyap: What Was Wrong Between Us

Author |Sep 08, 2018

Actor Kalki Koechlin believes society has built the institution of marriage in a way where women are still looked at as the weaker sex. In an interview published in a recently launched book,...

Being separated since 2014, actress Kalki Koechlin and her husband Anurag Kashyap decided to file for a divorce in 2015. In a book launching ceremony, Feminist Rani, written by Meghna Pant and Shaili Chopra, the actress has shared her opinions on marriage. She acknowledges the disadvantage of women in marriage as they are always considered as the weaker sex. The society has built the prejudice toward women and the idea of ownership. She also reveals major issues which led to her divorce 3 years ago.
Kalki On What Went Wrong In Her Marriage

What Was Wrong In Her Marriage

After getting married to Anurag Kashyap, she was only known as 'Anurag's wife' while no one calls Anurag 'Kaki's wife'. People only invited her to events Anurag was invited to. Even when the husband didn't want it to happen, a woman automatically become the weaker side. This is the institution that the world has built.

She Further Added..

It Was More Than Just The Social Institution

According to Kalki Koechlin, the key for a successful marriage must be honesty and independence. Kalki, however, felt so lonely in her marriage. She tried hard to fill up the empty space but partying and being surrounded by friends weren't for her. She decided to go with the introvert side by spending time for herself and family. That was a journey that I was happy to went through" said the actress.

At the moment, Kalki is now happy to find out the inner peace and able to balance herself. She recovered from the depressing marriage, stronger and more enegentic than ever.

She Also Talked About Her Movie Career And Feminism

Her Movie Career And Feminism

To Kalki, the word feminism is a counter in the patriarchal society. It does not have full meaning as it supposed to do. However, it can relate to 'equality' as all human beings are equal, men and women should be respected in the same way.

Kalki On Her Off-beat Choices

Kalki's Abnormal Choices

Being well known for her unconventional roles in movies like "Waiting",  "That Girl in Yellow Boots" and "Margarita with Straw", the French actress is far from the female prototype set in Indian psyche. However, even in real life or in cinema, she never had to pay a high price for these offbeat choices,

"While people are trying to stereotype me, I still remain my unique identity and my freedom of choices," she added. "I do not want to live a 'short' life when I'm only new as my newest film. There are things beyond the initial reactions that we have to find out. Let's give an effort to do something bigger."


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