Kader Khan On Padma Award: I Never Flattered Anyone To Get Award

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 02, 2019

In his last interview, Kader Khan talks about getting a Padma award. Kader Khan, who was affectionately known for his comedy role in Bollywood passed away at age of 85 on 31 December.

Bollywood legend Kader Khan passed away at age of 85 after a long-standing illness in Canada. As Bollywood is mourning for the great loss, his fans also dug up his last interview in which the actor spoke about Padma award. The interview was conducted during his promoting for film Dimag Ka Dahi two years ago when his health condition was bad.

In the interview, Kader Khan acknowledged his fan for constant support and his industry friend for proposing his name for a Padma Shri award. He said:


Kader Khan raise to fame and become an iconic comedian in the 80s and 90s

Nevertheless, in 2016, the undisputed superstar stated that “it’s good that I did not get one” after knowing awardees’ name. Kader Khan implied that “flattering” the mover and shakers probably is the hidden reason for his colleagues to win Padma awards.


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According to Kader Khan, the value of an award not lies in its name but the people who receive it. Also, he questioned the transparency of the award.


Lastly, he called upon his colleagues from indulging in politics. He gave a piece of his mind: “I would like to urge all the actors to return from the politics. ‘Laut aao, politics tumhari manzil nahi hai’. It is only breaking you.”


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