Not Only In Bollywood, Kader Khan Also Devoted To Islamic Development

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 11, 2019

For everyone's concern, some little-known details about Kader Khan's personal life are revealed, one of which was his being an eminent Islamic scholar.

Kader Khan, the prominent actor, screenwriter, comedian, director and the icon of Bollywood, passed away on the very last day of 2018, leaving everyone in sorrow. Many have been mourning him and reminding all of his precious contributions not only in the cinema industry but in other fields of life. One of those little-known facts revealed by his friend is that he was such a great scholar who promoted Islamic language by designing special academic syllabus as well as simplifying Arabic and Urdu language courses.

kader khan

Kader Khan was a renowned Islamic scholar.

Following his father's last wish to expand Islamic studies, Kader Khan made a great effort in instilling people's typical misconceptions by using simplified language. Setting the first career step in cinema industry, the actor was worried about his lack of knowledge in Islam or Arabic or Urdu and hesitant to take over his dad's legacy. However, after the senior Maulana Khan's sincere sharing about his own effort in story-writing or dialogue-writing, he realized and believed that he could gradually study and obtain all he needed.

As a result, he immediately enrolled for MA in Islamic Studies & Arab Literature from Osmania University in 1990. After completing it, he gathered a team of experts in Mumbai and also at his bungalow in Pune's posh Koregaon Park. The team worked together to design a variety of Islamic courses for students at all levels covering numerous fields such as tenets, laws. Kader Khan then opened the KK Institute of Arabic Language & Islamic Studies in Dubai and later in Canada with an aim to spread education in Arabic language and Islamic laws.

The secret of this method was imparting simplified knowledge for the common masses, creating an entire syllabus from nursery to post-graduation in Islamic studies in the simplest format which could be easily understood even by non-Muslims.

''All his academic efforts were completed around 2005 and he felt very happy and satisfied at having fulfilled his father's last desire,'' said Javed Jamaluddin, an Urdu journalist and also the dignitary's close friend. The story of Kader Khan's struggling to bring common Muslims into adequate consideration was moving and motivational. And he did all of these only due to the sincere wish for "Muslim youth to be academically and vocationally qualified to become independent and help advance the community in India", Jamaluddin added.


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