Joe Jonas Thinks Nick And Priyanka Are Born To Be Together

Indira Ngan |Dec 09, 2018

Singer Joe Jonas and his fiancee Sophie Turner together appeared at younger brother Nick’s wedding with Miss world Priyanka Chopra.

According to the interview with Entertainment Tonight in one event of J.C. Penny, lead vocalist Joe Jonas of DNCE shared his feeling enthusiastically. He said that Nick and Priyanka are heavenly well-matched. Joe playfully shared his own thoughts about the love story of his younger brother. As he witnessed from their first meet to understanding each other, he firmly compared the couple as “a match made in heaven”.

Joe's endless expressions about Nick and Priyanka

The DNCE vocalist posted his wedding congratulations on Instagram with the picture taken from the wedding ceremony on December 1st. Lovingly, he called this marriage a “super” one with the humorous complaint about being hurt because of smiling too much.

Nick Priyanka15

He also revealed the picture of four brothers of Jonas family wearing traditional Indian suits. Surprisingly, the picture made fans amazed with their catchy and wonderfrul outlook.

Nick Priyanka16

Beside a lot of celebrities’ congratulations to Nick and Priyanka, Joe shared his greeting wishes and compliments through social network. He expresses his feelings endlessly after the multicultural wedding of Nick and Priyanka including Christian and Indian traditions.

In addition, Joe even showed his cheers to the beauty and meanings of the wedding ceremonies. He even shared that all the wedding participators had cried in happiness.

Joe attended the ceremonies along with wife-to-be, British actress Sophie Turner. The brothers and relatives of Nick and Priyanka also joined in the wedding festivities. Beside Joe and Sophie, there was couple of the oldest brother of Jonas with his wife - reality television personality Danielle Jonas. Nick’s youngest sibling, Frankie Jonas, Priyanka’s younger brother Siddharth Chopra and her famous cousin Parineeti Chopra also attended this “fairytale” wedding.

Nick Priyanka17

Furthermore, Nick himself recently posted a lot of pictures and videos of his wedding parties with the happiest emotion. Especially, there was a video of musical party at sangeet ceremony.

Nick Priyanka18

Nick Priyanka21


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