Imran Khan: Many A-list Celebrities Request Women To Sleep With Them

Author |Oct 11, 2018

Imran Khan has surprised the public by revealing that some top actors of Bollywood industry who frankly request several females to sleep together with them.

Imran Khan has surprised the public by revealing that some top actors of Bollywood industry who frankly request several females to sleep together with them. And, only when these women agree with the demands, they will certainly have the role. In case, they reply no to these A-list celebrities, it means that they will never get a chance for any film or movie. This news stroke like a bolt from the blue for the public.

Imran told Pinkvilla that these demands are much like an interchange of services or goods with the participation of many A-list actors. When those women were asked about whether or not they would sleep with them. If their answer is yes, they will be sure to have a role in a certain movie. On the contrary, those who rejected their demands would never have anything in this industry. It’s candid to say that but it’s the truth.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Told That It’s Impossible To Disclose The Name Of These A-listers

If Imran Khan is asked to divulge the names of these A-list celebrities, he will say that it’s unlikely to reveal. The reason is that the names of those A-lists are too popular and big in the industry. It seems that it is weaving into the whole fabric of the whole Bollywood industry. Imran Khan also expressed his opinion that plenty of names will finally to emerge. Moreover, the majority of people would have to suffer from the most unpleasant problem of it. However, he doesn’t come to think that it could exert any effects at a higher degree thought people endure the worst part of this issue. At this time, some big names finally come out. These are Alok Nath and Tanmay Bhatt. Thus, that’s the level they’re at now.

I Will Stand By The Actresses If They Reveal The A-list Harassers' Names!

Imran Khan Would Show His Extended Support As Well As Praise For Actresses Who Are Brave To Uncover Names Of the Harassers

For sure, anyone can be aware of the names which could go much more higher. However, if these actresses who have cooperated with Imran Khan are willing to say the names of the harassers, he will support them. Or, he also holds up those who used to be their victims and take no hesitation to speak up their mind about these A-listers. When these women decide to let the public know the harassers that Imran Khan is aiming at, he will stand by their sides. He also added that this is the thing that he owes these women. He will be there. And, whenever any actress raises her voice, he will make a great attempt to support her.

Sexual Harassment Has Been Happening Since Decades By The Biggest Names In The Industry!

Sexual Assault Has Been Taking Place For Decades By The Giant Names Of The Bollywood Industry

It is a fact that sexual molestations have been a big problem since many decades ago. However, why do the social media only call for the latest names? Think of the sexual harassment that went back up to 40 years ago. Not only the A-list actors of this industry but also well-known film producers and directors have committed it. But, their names will never be told. Similarly, they never appear with their real identity. Their commitment to sexual assault is still within this industry. If there is anyone who exposes to others would be relegated or seriously attacked. Plus, it appears that women in the past have no financial support or any power to help them against these cases of sexual harassment. Therefore, they have no voice in accusing them of their molestation. As a result, some actresses had no choices but to become victims of those harassment cases.

When Asked If He Feels He'd Be Attacked For Talking About This Issue...

How Imran Khan Responds When Being Asked About If He Would Suffer Any Attack When Speaking Up This Problem

Imran Khan continues to talk with Pinkvilla about another aspect of speaking about this matter. He expresses that what he had spoken might attack him with the interference of the social media. Imran confirms that only social media could approach him for talking about these names of the harassers. Fortunately, he does not have a Twitter account, an Instagram page or even a website. What’s more, Imran Khan also had no subscription. Then, he could easily distinguish that this matter has helped to free up plenty of his bandwidth. For sure, he does not ingest any news. He also never know what kind of the upcoming films are.


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