Laxmi Agarwal, The Survivor Of Acid Attack Says She Won’t Judge Deepika

Author |Oct 17, 2018

Following the triumph of Raazi, the renowned film producer Meghna Gulzar decides to create a great biopic which will focus on Laxmi Agarwal, the survivor of the acid attack.

Following the triumph of Raazi, the renowned film producer Meghna Gulzar decides to create a great biopic which will focus on Laxmi Agarwal, the survivor of the acid attack. Deepika Padukone will take the role as well as be responsible for producing it.

The reason is that the tragic tale had made her feel so touched. Hence, that moving tale caused her to make up her mind to make it by herself. In real life, Laxmi Agarwal attracts people’s eyes in crowded places. Whereas, she is always craving for being unseen everywhere she goes. Laxmi Agarwal achieves a lot of attention for her own stories about her strength, courage, as well as struggle.

More than that, she also gets the tears from others for being a single mom who comes from a place known as East Delhi. Being a single mom is not always for any women, especially for Laxmi Agarwal. She has to struggle every single day in order to earn a living. However, she never feels depressed with her current life. Instead, she hopes that fame, as well as appreciation, will reward her a certain financial support someday. Recently, she has taken part in an interview to share her biopic, her life, and her struggle. Keep reading to know more about the story of Laxmi Agarwal.

As regards this life’s biopic, have you got any chance to meet Megha Gulzar?

With this question, Laxmi Agarwal said that she decided to sign the film in 2016. Her signing to the movie has made an official announcement. Laxmi added that Deepika Padukone is going to take responsibility for her role in that film. Her life journey is the basement for this biopic. Moreover, Laxmi Agarwal revealed that the filmmakers also had offered her a decent amount for this signing.

A Brave Acid Attack Victim Who Is Presenting Hope

In your opinion, is Deepika Padukone capable of playing the role of you?

She expressed that the art is always the art. She feels so contented to see Deepika Padukone being in her role. Plus, she honestly admits that she will not judge her because he has no right. For her, she feels that she is not competent enough to make a judgment about anyone for anything. There is no denying that Deepika Padukone has performed so well on the big screen. Therefore, she has a strong belief that Deepika would play this role spectacularly.

After that, she would like to send her sincere thanks to not only Deepika but also Meghna. What’s more, she feels thankful for the whole team members who are going to work with others for the film. All in all, she is so happy that the film will raise awareness. Thus, it could help victims of such kinds of acid attack to bravely come out. For sure, they will have the inspiration if Deepika Padukone does it.  

Laxmi Agarwal With Meghna Gulzar

You have divulged that your past dream was to become a singer since you’re just a kid

When being asked about this issue, Laxmi Agarwal confessed that yes, she surely wanted to become a singer. This is her dream when she was still a child. If her dream comes true, she will be going to sing about her biopic when she has a chance.

On your social media, you had posted that you have not got any opportunities for occupation. Have you been offered any special help?

Regarding this matter about the job opportunities, Laxmi Agarwal shared that plenty of people offer her myriad job proposals. When reading her news about a desire for a job opportunity, too many people find her. Then, she receives tons of offers. That’s why Laxmi feels grateful to them. In fact, the news has a really short ẽpiry date.

Just sometime later, it will be invalid. However, Laxmi Agarwal wishes that the government could give her a job. It is because a job could help her support her daughter and her mother as well. Also, she admits that she needs to nourish her without any particular help from others.

Laxmi Agarwal continued to share that the majority of people used to think that she is a star. She even has seen there was a girl in a subway system who went down on her knees. She said that her place was not there and her real place lied in her hearts. Laxmi Agarwal would tell these people that she would never exist among other people and how people would understand her.

At that time, she wondered that why people considered her as a famous star. What’s more, Laxmi Agarwal took no hesitation to speak her mind that we easily lost ourselves when we all were under the spotlights. Moreover, she conceded that she had nothing. She even didn’t have her own house. While people thought that she was a celebrity, she refused by confirming that only her appearance on any TV shows or in any news never made her become a star.

Deepika Padukone Laxmi Agarwal Meghna Gulzar Main

Laxmi Agarwal keeps saying…

When mentioning about Tanushree Dutta, Laxmi Agarwal unveils that despite coming out after multiple years, she still believes people should courageously raise their voice right at the exact time when the incident happened with no delay. On the other hand, she adds that our society obviously becomes conscious that not only women but also men deal with sexual assault. In case, people have an opportunity to say about this, they should immediately perform it with a view to avoiding wasting time.

In other words, people should also begin to boost their opposition to the timing. At the contemporary time, the entire society should be helpful. With no doubt, people will stand by your side as well as show their extended support. Therefore, there is no need to worry that there is nobody together with you against such unexpected incident.

All in all, Laxmi Agarwal truthfully reveals her thought that she would like those who are right will deserve to get justice. But, there exists an undesirable thing which involves how fans will react if the public knows who these people are. When big names come to view, not only their followers but also their fans will certainly get upset.


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