"I Think I Should Announce My Marriage Plan On May 23", Says Salman Khan

Mina Muzumdar |May 23, 2019

Salman Khan's epic response when being asked about his marriage plan.

Salman Khan's marriage plan has been a big question for a long time that everyone is curious about. While some of his loyal fans used to the idea that he is not going to marry, others still have been waiting for his nuptials to take place.

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Recently, Salman Khan finally spoke about his marriage plan with a funny line. The Bollywood superstar said that he would love to announce his big day as soon as May 23, the same day the Lok Sabha 2019 announces its result.

"Yeah...I think I should announce it on May 23," Salman Khan answered Mumbai Mirror's interview question before laughed off.

May 23 is the big day for the future of the country as we will know our leader for the next five years. It seems that the actor gave a teasing answer about his future wedding because everyone is more interested in the election result more than his nuptials.

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Earlier, Salman Khan who is known for his sense of humor also has an amusing reply:


Meanwhile, rumors have been floating around about his plan to have children through surrogacy like Aamir Khan and Karan Johar. In many interviews before, Salman Khan affirmed that marriage is not a good idea for him.

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On the work front, he will soon reunite his on-screen lover Katrina Kaif in Bharat which is all set to hit the cinema on June 5.

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