"I Never Let My Insecurities Take Over Me", Says Emraan Hashmi

Imran Asif Fazal |Oct 28, 2019

Emraan Hashmi did his first ever web series for Netflix and managed to gain appreciation from critics.

Emraan Hashmi faired well in his first web television series Bard Of Blood which was also backed by superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The actor has faced several ups and downs in the industry but always proves his worth with a comeback.

In an interview with a media agency, Emraan Hashmi spoke in detail about his quest with the film industry and his take on digital platforms which is flourishing in India.

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When asked if he feels insecure about new talents entering the film industry, to which Emraan Hashmi said, “I don’t feel insecure ever because the industry is a big place. It always welcomes talent. Today so many new avenues have opened up. All kinds of films are being made. The medium doesn’t matter. What matters is talent. If you have talent, you’ll get opportunities."

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He further said, "There’s work for all. In fact, we should learn from the newcomers. They bring in fresh ideas. What do newcomers today have that you did not possess when you began? The current generation has got more exposure.

What my son Ayaan grasps from watching films is much more than what I did as a youngster. He has access to OTT platforms, YouTube, social media... I was born in the 80s when there was only one channel Doordarshan. We absorbed whatever we could from it. Satellite TV came in later. When youngsters are exposed to so much stimulation, they are bound to create wonders."

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He spoke about playing a spy in his first web series and said, “I guess it was understanding the psychological aspects of the character. What a spy goes through, the fear he experiences his state of mind in an enemy state. Physical fitness is essential too. The body language had to be right.

It was challenging to shoot in Ladakh at a height of 13,000 feet. You have to add dimensions to your portrayal from what’s written on paper. I tend to improvise on the set. We wanted to reach a global audience. So we kept it subtle and yet engaging at the same time.”


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