How Lockdown Channels The Inner Chef Out Of Bollywood Stars: Malaika Arora, Ranveer And Deepika And Many Others

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 27, 2020

Self-quarantine is challenging for those who like eating out but also an opportunity for everyone including top celebrities to catch up with a new hobby: cooking.

As one-third of the population are practicing quarantine to protect themselves and the community from the spread of coronavirus, our famous Bollywood superstars are no exception. During the nationwide lockdown, not only public transportation, malls, schools and theatres but also restaurants are shut. Self-quarantine becomes an opportunity for everyone including top celebrities to catch up with a new hobby: cooking.

Bollywood Lockdown Malaika Cooking
Malaika Arora has been keen on sharing a healthy diet on her Instagram

Malaika Arora

The fitness freak who gains popularity for her toned figure is also keen on a healthy diet. The actress is spending her quarantine to cook some healthy and delicious foods for family and friends. 

Bollywood Lockdown 2 Ranveer Singh cooking
This is what Ranveer Singh's homemade Biryani and dessert

Ranveer and Deepika

In response to a fan who asked the celeb couple about their lunch, Ranveer Singh took to his Instagram stories a tasty bow of Biryani. He also revealed Deepika’s creation which appeared to be Nutella ice cream.

Bollywood Lockdown 3 Diljit Dosanjh cooking
Diljit Dosanjh's tasty Maggi noodles

Diljit Dosanjh

Apart from his overwhelming singing and acting skills, Diljit Dosanjh turns out to be a great chef! The actor not only shares photos of his dishes but also the recipes. Even when you don’t bias his actor, follow him on Instagram for delicious and handy cooking recipes!

Bollywood Lockdown 4
A bow of mixed oatmeal and fruit made by Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha

Even the lockdown cannot stop Richa Chadha and her fiance Ali Fazal having some virtual social engagement. In fact, the pair shared the same story on their social media handle while Ali Fazal was seen teasing Richa Chadha about her cooking story during the lockdown.

Bollywood Lockdown 5
Kishwer Merchantt is enjoying her lockdown inside the kitchen

Kishwer Merchantt

The TV sensation Kishwer Merchantt has always been keen on sharing healthy and tasty cooking tips. Kishwer is definitely in full swing inside her kitchen this period of time as the actress keeps posting videos of her busy cooking time and added that she really enjoyed it.

Check out what other Bollywood celebs are doing during the lockdown period:

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