Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan: Millions Of Fans Congratulate Him At Midnight In Mumbai Rains

Rose Advani |Nov 02, 2019

The 54th birthday of Shah Rukh Khan has begun with so big love of his fans, from the Manat at midnight to the bloom of best wishes on his social media.

Happy birthday The 'King of Romance' Shah Rukh Khan!

With the great performances and philanthropist work, Shah Rukh Khan won millions of hearts in all parts of the world for three decades. The fabulous actor has turned to 54 years old Today, and all the fans stood outside Mannat at midnight to congratulate the birthday of their big Khan though it was raining in Mumbai at that time.

Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan
Happy Birthday The 'King of Romance' Shah Rukh Khan!

To say a big thank to his fans, Shah Rukh Khan had an action that melted any hearts with many kisses sent to his fans. The actor waved and sent his kisses to all his fans from his balcony, which expressed his gratitude to all the best wishes of his fans.

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan
The King Khan sent his kisses to all his fans!

All the fans gave him lots of gifts like T-shirts, flowers, and no stop to repeat his name. The actor got a youthful look in a set of dark Hoodie and Jeans. Shah Rukh Khan also shared that he will celebrate the new age with her family as planning.

Notably, the 'King of Romance' actor had the cutest gestures to politely lower the cheers of fans because his neighbor around him was sleeping, and he did not disturb their sleepings.

Now enjoy the warmest and cutest moments at the midnight of King Khan's birthday!

There is a bloom of best wishes and gifts on his social media

When Shah Rukh Khan has turned a year older Today, his fans began pouring best wishes to their icon on his social media. His social feed full of pictures and videos celebrating their icon's 54th birthday. And the tags #HappyBirthdaySRK and #HappyBirthdayShahRukhKhan becomes the top trending tags on Twitter.

Take a look at all best wishes the fans show their love to the King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan:

We wish King Khan will have a full-of-joy-and-love day among his family Today as a new age full of health, happiness, and prosperity!

Updating the most valuable moments on the birthday of Shah Rukh Khan

There was a super surprise for the actor when his name was shown at the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa as a big congratulation. And Salman Khan also made a video with Happy Birthday song to cheer up his birthday.



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