From Akshay Kumar To Priyanka Chopra: These 6 Bollywood Celebrities Are Pumped Up With Their Own NGOs

Ankita Chetana |Oct 08, 2019

Getting off the glitz of the glam world, some of Bollywood celebrities have found the happiness in addressing some social causes. One of them is forming their own NGOs to join the government sharing the social responsibility of the whole country.

We are too familiar with the glamorous images of B-town stars but such things don’t make a signature celebrity. Bollywood celebs’ NGOs may sound strange but they actually work and have claimed a certain influence on Indian society.

bollywood celebs NGOs

The limelight has its own statement, but more than the light on the screen, many celebrities have shone their glories in social activities. India has been surrounded by many issues such as poverty, education, women, environment and so on.

Thus, needless to say, the whole country needs help from all the people and organizations, including the influence of Bollywood stars.

social issues in india

We have witnessed a lot of social care from them, the people who are thought to belong only to the stage. Nevertheless, Bollywood celebs’ NGOs have strongly proved their responsibility to the government with their social messages to the public.

From Akshay Kumar to Priyanka Chopra, let’s check out 6 Bollywood celebs’ NGOs standing upon this society!

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B of the tinsel town is a statue in people’s hearts in many aspects apart from his acting career. Amitabh has climbed to the top of glory with his overdose range of super-hits over time and claimed his name in the history of B-town.

With the ideology of building a better country, the megastar has participated in many campaign advertisements to raise people’s acknowledgement about community issues.

amitabh bachchan unicef

In 2002, he has been associated with UNICEF and turned to be a Goodwill Ambassador for it in 2005. Since 2014, he took up the UN Ambassador for Girl Child and continued to join UNICEF campaigns of ‘Unite for Children’ and ‘Unite Against AIDS’ to spread awareness about childhood sexual violence and the risk of AIDS on them.

amitabh bachchan WHO

Later, the superstar was also appointed as a goodwill ambassador for WHO in South-East Asia with the issue of hepatitis. In the home country, he headed for ‘Clean India’ campaign to improve the status of environment and health besides some other campaigns including ‘Childhood Immunisation Programme’ and ‘Tuberculosis’.

Akshay Kumar

Mr Khiladi always keeps his strong mind to pay tribute to the government by activating many charity works. The actor is touted to be the highest-paid actor of B-town that he ruled to extract his huge asset to contribute to Indian society.

akshay kumar donate rs 90 lakh in maharashtra
Bollywood celebs' NGOs: Akshay with his golden caring to people in Maharashtra

His charity work has been on many headlines throughout the time that witnessed his credit to social caring. The superstar had invested Rs 90 lakh to support 180 families of drought-hit farmers deciding suicide in Maharashtra.

Akshay Kumar teach women for self-defense

Women issue has never been out of the most-cared social problems in India and Akshay donated his efforts in guiding the women for self-defense. Furthermore, he created an app that calls the donation from everyone to the families of soldiers sacrificing in the border.

Private social work doesn’t seem enough for the Khiladi of Bollywood that he has participated in the ‘Navjyoti Foundation’ and ‘India’s Bravehearts’. What a warm heart he owes!

Shah Rukh Khan

Worldwide popularity has its own reason to cover Shah Rukh Khan as the attached titles to him include his charity and social work. He has been donating his earnings from interviews for his organization named ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ to turn the underprivileged children’s dreams come true.

Shah Rukh Khan and award for charity work

Not many people can recognize that King Khan was the first Indian to be awarded thanks to his golden heart at the 20th UNESCO Awards held in Germany. Contributing a lot to several NGOs and hospitals, the Bollywood superstar was the first global ambassador of UNOPS for a better lifestyle in the world.

shah rukh khan UNOPS

In 2014, his company made an immense donation of Rs 25 crore to the program of ‘Social and Rural Development’. One year later, the actor continued his charitable sense by donating Rs 1 crore to the bad-luck victims of the terrible floods in Chennai.

Priyanka Chopra

The news that Priyanka is the UNICEF National Ambassador is not so strange to everybody and besides, she also joins the global campaign ‘Girl Up’. Paying an all-time caring to the improvement of the society, the actress supported 65,000 girls and young women in Maharastra by teaching them about self-confidence and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

priyanka chopra unicef ambassador

Associated with education issues, the Bollywood-Hollywood star has been involved in the ‘Awaaz Do’ campaign enhancing the chances of free learning for every child. She also lent her influential voice to the campaign of ‘End Violence against Children’ including many aspects related to children’s psychology.

priyanka chopra unicef ambassador

Other than that, Priyanka has formed an Indian foundation taking 10 per cent of her income for a decade. This rooted since she acknowledged that the housekeeper in her house left her daughter at home and sent only her son to school.

Alia Bhatt

These above superstars have spent several years to build their images in both the entertainment industry and social support. But Alia Bhatt as a representative for the young generation of B-town has followed her forerunners to continue their community caring ways.

alia bhatt Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe

The kindness comes from the little thing and the first one she carried out is opening her own event called 'Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe' to sell the handpicked items from her wardrobe for charity work.

Then the amount of money collected went to bring the light for 40 homes in Karnataka. It was a part of the 'Liter Of Light' program by AROHA, an organization in Bengaluru.

alia bhatt coexist

Also, the young talented actress was associated with an initiative 'Coexist' among the projects of Environmental and Animal Welfare to stimulate other people in the area to give a hand to protecting animals.

Aamir Khan

Bollywood celebs' NGOs cannot miss Aamir Khan as his nimbus from India's social causes even reaches the top. He won the title as the 'Padma Bhushan', one of the greatest civilian honours in India for his contribution to the country.

aamir khan unicef

It is uncountable when marking Aamir's times to make his appearances in NGOs for a couple of decades. The actor was another Bollywood celeb to be appointed as a UNICEF National Ambassador and took advantage to expand the benefits of nutrition through 'Malnutrition Quit India'.

aamir khan The Paani Foundation

Natural disasters including drought have been always a hot topic receiving a lot of attention from the masses. In 2016, a non-profitable project named 'The Paani Foundation' was emerged with the attendance of Aamir Khan to fight the issue in Maharashtra.

In total, these above stars are not the only Bollywood celebs to join an NGO for bettering society. But they are influencing together an important message that our country has been suffering too many social issues that we have to face day by day.

So, more than just a good word, together with them, let's join the social work or even pay attention to the voice of the society around us!


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