From A Cute Baby To Millennial Sensation, Ananya Pandey’s Transformation Is Truly Inspiring

Leela Adwani |Feb 26, 2020

Today we bring you some now-and-then pictures of Ananya Pandey from being an adorable baby to a millennial sensation of today.

Two films old Ananya Pandey is already a star in everyone’s eyes even when she hadn’t yet made her Bollywood debut. Whether she was sharing sneak peeks of her films or hanging out with besties Shanaya Kapoor and Suhana Khan or simply just making casual walks in the city, the young starlet clearly has the attention of one and all.

Last year, Ananya officially marked her Bollywood debut with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2 alongside Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff and another newcomer Tara Sutaria. Even though the film was not critically claimed, Ananya succeded in stealing the thunder with her good-girl-gone-bad avatar in the film. She also garnered a lot of positive reviews for her performance in the first-hand film. The dialogue ‘Park here, princess’ of herself when looking at Tiger is all the rage among the millennials.

Ananya Pandey Transformation Ft starbiz

Speaking of her style, the age of 20, she doesn’t pale in comparison with any other big divas when it comes to fashion statements. The actress always makes sure her fashion game on point whenever she steps out of her residence. Be it casual looks, brunch outfits or red carpet clothes, Ananya Pandey always manages to make heads turn. She deserves to be called the fashionista of youngsters.

People look up her for not only her style or acting mettle but also her social activities. She recently launched the initiative ‘So Positive’ which is well received by many people.

The new kid on the block Ananya seems to outdo herself every day to establish her position in the competitive film industry. It makes us think about her childhood and suddenly realize how she has changed over the years.

Today we bring you some now-and-then pictures of Ananya Pandey from being an adorable baby to a millennial sensation of today.

Ananya Pandey Transformation 1
A doe-eyed girl
Ananya Pandey Transformation 2
How cute!
Ananya Pandey Transformation 3
Adorable baby Ananya

Ananya Pandey Transformation 4

With an angle-like face, Ananya, fortunately, has a body to die for, check out more sexy pictures of the actress today:

Ananya Pandey Transformation 8 Ananya Pandey Transformation 9 Ananya Pandey Transformation 10 Ananya Pandey Transformation 11 Ananya Pandey Transformation 12 Ananya Pandey Transformation 13 Ananya Pandey Transformation 6 Ananya Pandey Transformation 7

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