First Pictures Of Sufi & Soleil, Lisa Ray's Twin Daughters Through Surrogacy

Author |Sep 17, 2018

Via surrogacy, actress Lisa Ray is having a chance to become a mother of twin angels, Sufi and Soleil in Tbilisi, Georgia.


                                                  Lisa Ray welcomes her twin daughters to this life

Via surrogacy, one of the stars appeared in a lot of famous film such as "Water" and "Kasoor", actress Lisa Ray is having a chance to become a mother of twin angels, Sufi and Soleil. Her newborn twins absolutely has delighted her life. For the time being, she also created her account to memorize the first time being a mother. She is going to plan to upload a lot of pics from her twins, so you can look over there with some of their cutest pictures.

Before receiving this good news, Lisa Ray is deserved to be a proud mom for her consistently struggling with a blood cancer. In 2009, she is diagnosed with numerous myeloma. Then, she is announced no long have cancer in 2010 after dealing with it for a year. Unfortunately, in 2012, her illness is getting worse and worse again, right after her wedding. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Lisa Ray reveals that she wouldn't want to let a lot of people know her illness condition. She assumes herself too stubborn to be scared.

Lisa On Embracing Motherhood For The First Time

On one of her newest posts on her own account, she is sharing her first day of being a mother. She thinks her life now is full of crazy things mixing together. Her experiences between disorder and love are absolutely new things. She is filled up with cascading feelings, efforts to have the balance for feeding, sleeping, working and travelling. She would like to spend time with not only friends but also family and her own hobbies.

'The Desire For Children Grew After I Met & Married My Soul Mate'

There is no denying that after meeting and get married, her wish for children grew strongly. She also confessed she never had a plan to become a true mother when she was younger. But there of course has a lot of unexpected things that most of us cannot think about - not except from her. Contributing to that high spirit is her soul mate - Jason Dehni.

It Wasn't An Easy Journey
After considering some different ways for having children, her husband and her decided to choose surrogacy in India for the first time. During that time, they had to overcome a lot of tough obstacles. Besides, to keep safe for the twins, they spent a plenty of money to hire agency to help. They all made up their minds to relocate to Tbilisi to put their trust on the country of Georgia. Fortunately, their two daughters, named Sufi and Soleil, were born successfully.
'I Am Grateful For My Miracle Daughters'
She would like to take their daughters home in Mumbai. She really wants to see them grow up daily and hopes that Jason will play a good father's role to them. Not only playing with them but also can be able to change diapers. She promises to bring the best things in life to them and truly appreciates for this miracle thing. To help other people understand more about surrogacy to have children, she decided to share her own life's story.
Lisa Rani Ray (born 4 April 1972) is a Canadian actress, model, television host, philanthropist and social activist. In 2005 she appeared in the Canadian film Water, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.


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