Filmmaker Khosla Kumar: Listening To A Script Is A Gut Instinct

DungCNT |Dec 08, 2018

Filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar has come to Delhi to attend a fashion show and celebrate her husband's birthday.

Director-producer Divya Khosla Kumar has paid a visit to Delhi for some reasons recently. She attended and walked the ramp at NGO Savera's fashion event celebrated for disadvantaged people in the community. Also, this was Bhushan Kumar, her husband's birthday occasion. She shared that Delhi made her feel nostalgic whenever she came back since her parents lived there. Delhi was the place where she was born and nurtured. She brought the Delhi-ness in her to everywhere she went to. “People who recognise you think that since the celeb is associated with it, it must be a genuine cause,” she said.

The filmmaker's memories started to recall. “I was more into academics, but we used to have birthday celebrations and dance parties. I also used to hang out in and around Kamla Nagar market,” she said.

Kumar, a producer, chose acting as her career, shared the journey had been filled with plenty of growth. She was so delighted to experience it. Every journey had its own hindrance, and people had to have enough passion and commitment to overcome. And when you were devoted to everything, things would come satisfyingly.

What does she think of becoming a director?

Becoming a filmmaker requires a lot of elements, especially responsibility. “It is always a gut feeling when you listen to a script. It has to be instinctive. There are some things that are risky, but nobody really knows what works. It is just trial and error, and sometimes things to do hit a jackpot, and other times, things you are confident about may sink,” she said.

However, the box office hits and the number game have put pressure on her. Anyway, she claimed that she was creative and didn't have a business mind. The most important thing she was concerned about was the work quality. She added that spirituality and meditation were the two things affecting her a lot.

Being a mother of Ruhaan, Kumar believes that what makes her enjoy most is to become a mother. She is so happy with her husband's love for her and thinks that he is the best ever gift she is given. When being asked about celebrity kids, she thought “It’s very sad that people have PRs who call the paparazzi and want their kids to be covered. But it’s each to their own. I don’t believe in it and believe that personal life should be personal.”

The producer said that she was quite interested in seeing other celebrities' airport look and knew what became a hot trend, which was the inspiration for her.


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