Fawad Khan In Legal Soup For Refuring Polio Vaccination For His Daughter

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 21, 2019

FIR filed a case against the Pakistani actor yesterday. Read more!

Yesterday, FIR filed a case against Fawad Khan due to the Pakistani actor’s family reject polio drops to his daughter. Reportedly, the administration at the Faisal Town and Model Town police station booked 6 people over the charge.

Prime Minister Polio task force’s representative Babar Bin Ata while speaking to the media said: “Mrs. Fawad thinks getting their daughter immunised from the UK will give the child protection against WPV1 strain. Protection against Wild Poliovirus can only be guaranteed with Oral Polio Vaccine.”

He also alleged that Lahore Deputy Commissioner reported to him that Fawad Khan’s family and his driver misbehaved with the vaccination team when they arrive to vaccinate Fawad Khan’s daughter.

“Fawad is our pride, I request him to allow teams to vaccinate the child. Lahore has had a polio case last week, we must protect the child,” he wrote.

After the country’s government announced eight cities was positive with poliovirus, they are implementing all measures to promote vaccinations.


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