Failures Grow Up A Man! See How Bollywood Celebs Come Over Their Bitter Lemons In Life

Ankita Chetana |Oct 19, 2019

Several Bollywood celebs committed many slush piles on their journey to the present success as now. The cold winter would claim back a warm flame from these celebs’ lessons on how to overpass the failures in life.

Everyone needs to go through failures to reach the limelight of success and honour it seriously. Bollywood celebs’ failures have been told in many stories as a lesson to remind their fans about life troubles.

If you remember the tough time King Khan has undergone, you will also remember one of his notable statements that:



Sad shadow comes to our life as a natural thing to empower us, but the option we make between giving up or rising and beating it is more important than anything else. So, let’s take a few moments with us to look back Bollywood celebs’ failures and their ways to come over it.

Salman Khan

Being known as one of the prestigious biggies in B-town, Salman Khan also took the failure as many other actors. He has been on the awful line when bringing flops such as Tubelight and Race 3 to the box office. At the time of those films’ release, the audience called them movie disasters of the year.

salman khan failure

But to affirm the superstar’s name on the Bollywood sky holding many storms and extremities, the Dabangg actor awaked his knees. He embraces a strong belief that after facing the failure, we’ve had an amazing life. Success doesn’t come at ease and you have to deal with failures no matter how tough they are!

Ranbir Kapoor

Another shining household name in the tinsel town who has given out a range of hits throughout the time is Ranbir Kapoor. However, he also couldn’t stay away from failures as he was so miserable with some of his movies at the box office.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ranbir Kapoor failure

He confirmed his motto to rise up after failures as saying:


Besides, he pointed out the way to get his spirit moving on by cleaning all the tears and sweats to stand up.

Priyanka Chopra

Heading many charts both domestically and internationally, PeeCee has proven her brand name over the years. Carving a niche in many fields and also being a global icon, the actress has experienced a lot of bittersweets before.

Priyanka Chopra's failure

Sharing about the harsh time, Priyanka claimed that she herself stood in the eye of such failures and success and didn’t depend on anybody else. The way to reach success, for her, is like climbing a mountain. You need to come over every hardship to stand on the mount.

Deepika Padukone

Make success not failure, but Deepika is a strong woman who doesn’t fear such grey colours of life. Joining some track records at the box office, the gorgeous diva didn’t allow them to control her career and tried to better herself.

Deepika Pdukone
Bollywood celebs' failures: the lesson from Deepika Padukone

She said:


Before becoming an A-class actress in the entertainment industry, Deepika Padukone was a badminton player. For the actress, sports nail an important role in her life, a spiritual thing driving her forward.

Alia Bhatt

One of the most sought after actresses in B-town failed to make her movie Kalank a hit at the box office. This also brought a shock and heartbreak to the talented star but didn’t dampen her down.

Alia Bhatt failure

Sharing what her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor urged her to move on, Alia recalled:


Anushka Sharma

Co-starring for Shah Rukh Khan’s big flop Zero, Anushka Sharma got the bitter fruitage from the failure. But not being sad at all, she claimed that she herself didn’t carry any burdens of it. She went on saying that fizzle just added the necessary experience to know who we are.

Anushka Sharma failure

She used to make sense of what she acts:


Shraddha Kapoor

She is amongst the highly appreciated actresses in the tinsel town, however, her debut performed another final nail in the coffin. Beating the failures with a positive attitude, Shraddha considers that we need to be optimistic whatever happens.

Shraddha Kapoor failure

Sharing her point of view from an optimistic person, she advised:


Shahid Kapoor

It could be said that prior to Kabir Singh, Shahid didn’t shout his name so loudly into the Bollywood world. The 2019 blockbuster and Udta Punjab have just claimed the actor to fame and brought him chances to prove his talents and efforts in the acting career.

Shahid Kapoor failure

On the winged way towards more starlight in the B-town sky, Shahid shared that he will try his best in every big and small project.

He gave out a lesson:


Looking at Bollywood celebs’ failures, we can visit back their tough journey to a star as now. They can come over all the hardship, we also can do that. Take lessons from them and believe yourself that failures cannot knock your knees down!


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