Eyewitness Daisy Shah Stand Up For Tanushree Dutta Sexual Harrashment Case

Rose Advani |Oct 01, 2018

After Tanushree alleged Nana Patekar of sexually harassed her, many people also raised their voice and lend her support. 

Most recently, Bollywood model and actress Tanushree Dutta made a serious accusation against Nana Patekar of his inappropriate behavior to her. According to Tanushree, it occurred during the shooting of Horn ‘Ok’ Please in 2008. Afterward, numerous witness came forward and lend support to the actress.

Break the news, yesterday bystander Daisy Shah spills the real beans about things happened on the set of the film. During that time, Daisy Shah was Ganesh Acharya’s assistant, who taught Tanushree about choreography.

In an interaction with Bollywood Hungama recently, Daisy Shah revealed the true story and insists she will be on Tanushree Dutta side.

Daisy Shares Her Side Of The Story

Daisy Shah revealed the detail of the story

Actually, I have no idea of what exactly happened until the third day, I vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Back then, my responsibility is to taught Tanushree dance choreography and gave her instruction at every steps.

Daisy Shah Was Assisting Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Back Then

The Third Day At The set of Horn ‘Ok’ Please

Something Happened On The Third Day Of The Shoot

Later Tanushree and I had a good term in collaboration with each other because we kept practicing together before shooting. The first and second day everything went smooth like butter until the third day, something happened… Its something I was not aware of but Tanurshe, finally broke the silence and said what she has endured. So, I totally understand her.

Tanushree locked herself in the car after the incident

During the shooting, there were a lot of things happened which distracted me but one thing got my notice. Her car windshield was cracked that day. The first half of the day was pretty well but after rehearsing for the song, Tanushree got out and locked herself in her vanity van.

Daisy Backs Tanushree's Claim

Something must went wrong that day...

At first, I did not really know what just happened. I just know that it was when she reheard for a particular step. However, something was in my mind and I have a bad intuition. “She must have been touched in a wrong way or whatever it is”.

On the spot, again, it was not only me but the whole team of 60 – 70 dancers. Me as an assistant teacher, my duty was to teach Tanushree and also do the setup for the shooting.

After she got off from her car for at least 3 hours, the media showed up and started to question her. Tanushree then did really had a tough time.

'She Must Have Been Touched In A Wrong Way Or Whatever It Is'

Daisy retorts people who call her 'Publicity Stunt'

At the moment, many people would question why only after a decade then Tanushree bring out into open Nana Nana Patekar misconduct behavior. Nevertheless, the dancer turns to actor Daisy supposed that finally, the actress finds the courage to speak up. Furthermore she affirmed many other women will find this as motivation to raise their voice against sexual abuse in the industry.

Daisy On Rakhi Sawant Claiming That Tanushree Was High On Drugs In Her Vanity Van

Meanwhile, Tanushree On Daisy Shah story

Meanwhile, Tanushree Doesn't Hold Daisy Accountable For Not Speaking Up Then

On the other note, Tanushree has confided, "She was Ganesh Acharya’s assistant and she always kind to me.

Plus, I think Daisy was not in a position to do much because as far as I remember Acharya was the leader and she worked under him. Thing to mention, Acharya was hired in the film because of my recommendation. I could never know he would backstab me.

When thing happened, Ganesh Acharya stood by Nana Patekar side and trashed my image in front of the media. Therefore I would possibly not hold Daisy accountable for anything because back then she was just an assistant. Lastly, I would not unnecessarily drag people's name who I personally not had problem with."


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